Kyle’s Tools

Here you go:

Reloading supplies???

Old hamper for Tess???

Which rocking horse do you want???

HELP! I’m being held captive!!!

Tuff Box – I’ll load it up with tools that are in boxes.

Grinder (works), sander (works), small charger, and large charger.

Boat (butt?) load of cool tools.

Air compressor (works), and behind it is a small shop vac (works) and two gas cans.

Small bin of great small tools.

Small tool box of really cool small tools.

Box of very good hand tools. Lots of them.

Box of hardware.

Box of big sockets.

All kinds of models for you and Remy to work on, and a football and tee, MADE IN THE USA.


Remy’s trike. He’ll be on it sooner than what you think.