Fishing bolt for pistol crossbow

I’m working on a rig for crossbow fishing with a pistol crossbow.  Right now, I’m just posting pictures until I find something that actually works on big carp.

The chromed fishing tip shown in the pictures will be sharpened to a pinpoint before actual fish hunting.


This is my current rig, a fiberglass rod with a fishing tip pinned into place. The cord attaches to the end of the bolt and is snugly placed in the frame’s groove under the bolt. Targeting seemed okay at home but I noticed that there was some flipping of the bolt into the target That proved a problem on the lake as I hit and/or missed seven carp. I was able to see a few of the shots as they hit – some apparently bounced off the heavily scaled fish when it hit at an angle, thus causing a ricochet of sorts.

This shows an electrical connector placed between the tip and bolt, then bent over. The red plastic can be removed and the cord attached to the lug; however, the connector is made from aluminum and will likely not survive. I think a steel or even brass piece would work, handmade of course.

Again digging through some electrical storage drawers, I found this piece, part of a wire clamp that holds heavy wire in a junction box. It’s steel and I think would work well but would need to have the half-moon lug removed and then bent over nearly parallel with the bolt – just enough to allow a cord to be tied on. For sturdiness, I like this one, and I think it would penetrate okay.

This shows a swivel ring removed from a neck lanyard. The round hole was a perfect size.

Here, the swivel ring has been mounted. It touched the crossbow’s frame when mounted underneath the bolt so I had to keep it on top (or on one of the sides).

The swivel ‘s “D” side has been bent over, ready for a cord to be attached. The only problem I see with this one is that it might impede penetration into fish flesh. The swivel is steel and might be durable enough.

In this picture, two oversized washers sandwich the cord which is tied into  place (washers are oversized just to show detail). I think this option merits some possible tryouts but I am concerned that the tip will loosen as a result of the cord not offering firm tightening.

This option has my attention.  A small fishing swivel was modified and placed between the tip and bolt. The large swivel in the background is the one I will try (it’s the only one I had on hand so I didn’t want to use it right now). The design of the swivel is not ideal (notice the wire ends sticking up from where they latch). The large swivel looks like it will penetrate just fine. I’ve used the large swivel on turtle lines and I know how they will hold up – just fine.  In fact, the green cord in the pictures is what I use for turtling.  It will hold up well, too.