Brown recluses

It’s an odd topic for unpickling but it’s something I do.  I hunt down and collect brown recluse spiders.  I guess it’s not really unpickling but the spiders don’t know (they’re somewhat illiterate).

I have quite a collection of the elegant but deadly arachnids sitting in a pretty little jar on a shelf.  Here is a recent trophy:

Brown recluse spider (Loxosceles reclusa) – an exceptional specimen

They’re pretty common in our area, and really very reclusive (hence the name).  I’ve never had one attack me, stalk me, or insult me, although I’m sure the next of kin of my victims don’t say very nice things about me.

Speaking of kin…

I generally allow spiders to live if they’re doing me a favor.  But these guys do not belong in the house or garage, or anywhere near it.  So they go the way of mice and moles (and mosquitoes, tics, ants, wasps, and other buggy little vermin).