Pay no attention to the pickle behind the emblem.  I love pickles but only the edible variety!

Have you ever had a tool or piece of equipment fail while in use?  Or have you followed directions and found them to be totally useless?  Can’t find a quality, dependable item?  Do you have something that can’t be explained?

Have you found yourself in a PICKLE?

UNPICKLE now before it’s too late!  Test, try, make, research, and maybe even torture your stuff (or a sample) before heading outdoors and getting yourself into the proverbial pickle.  For the most part, do not try the following at home (I’ve always wanted to say that for real).  But truth is, I did, or at least where I’m at home outdoors.  So much for that disclaimer.

Enjoy the following unpickling projects, reviews, and tests on tools, equipment, “things,” directions, and common sense.  This isn’t your standard list and it certainly is not exclusive; but it sure was interesting and fun (and still is).  If you disagree, then test your own equipment and get back with me.  Your comments, suggestions, and unpickling stories are welcomed:

Bow-making with PVC

Carp, by crossbow pistol

Cold Steel Mackinac Hunter

Fish stringer – make your own

Green River small butcher knife

Machete, made in Austria

Ozark Trail lock back


Six string instrument mystery

The Appalachian Trail, southern terminus

Ultralight Bug-out-bag

Water Bottle Review – Platypus 1L Soft Bottle

More to come…


Trailspace: Outdoor Gear Reviews


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