Snake Charmer .410 shotgun

Had an incident happen while kayaking last year.  There I was, way out in the country, on the water, heading to shore.  To spare all the details so the offending vermin will not be tipped off the next time, let’s just say that I was a sitting duck…  on the water.  I had purposely chose to not go armed, save for my turtle gig and pocket knife.

So, for all you liberal puppeteers out there who want to take away my right to bear an arm for self-defense, don’t give me your baloney about “saving it for law enforcement to do.”  Baloney, again.  While I was alert and aware of my situation, and was able to literally paddle out of trouble (I am smarter than most vermin), there will be no next time of having to worry about the bad guys aiming something at me or mugging me at my vehicle.  Did I say that I was way out in the country on public land?

If they want to act like a snake, I’ll turn on the charm, and then some.