H&R 12 gauge Exverminmaker

Yes, it’s legal (by 0.25″).  No, it doesn’t just sit around in trees.  I use it to dust vermin.  Dust – as in:  if a vermin is close enough to get shot with this gun, it’ll turn to dust.

It’s not picky on the type of vermin either.  Anything from 0 to 4 legs is subject o being made an exvermin.

The “official” definition of vermin pretty much sums up the vermin duster’s clientele:

  • wild or feral animals, including birds and reptilian, that are harmful to flora, fauna, farm, or family, or that carry disease (e.g., fox, rodents, raccoon)
  • people perceived as despicable and as causing problems for the rest of society or one’s home and loved ones