AK-47 obiter dicta

obiter dicta (Latin, pl.):  in passing + something said; i.e., something said in passing.


  1. I defend my home with an AK-47.  You got a better idea?
  2. One should never procure an AR-15 when he has the choice of procuring an AK-47.
  3. My dialing up 30 rounds from an AK-47 is better than you dialing up 9-1-1.
  4. What’s better than an AR-15 with a 30 round magazine?  An AK-47 with a 30 round magazine.  Make that an AK-47 with two 30 round magazines (or more).
  5. That’s not a bayonet.  That’s a letter opener.  Stand back and I’ll prove it.
  6. My AK-47 is not an assault rifle.  It is a response rifle, a hunting rifle, and a competition rifle.
  7. You do realize that an AK-47 is a foreign-designed, Commie weapon, and that in the hands of the right oppressor over there would have assaulted and overthrown America as we know it over here.  So what’s stopping them?  The 2nd Amendment.
  8. My AK-47 has killed one deer.  The surgeon’s scalpel has killed 10’s of millions of babies in my generation, with millions more children who will be murdered if abortion is not stopped.  My AK-47 has killed ONE DEER (with one shot).
  9. Would someone please tell all the children in the media spotlight to quit whining and crying about gun control?  While you’re at it, explain civics to the school kids, too, as they clearly didn’t get it in their public school education.
  10. I have beat on my AK-47 with a sledge hammer and vise to remove and replace a “cosmetic”  part.  Success with no damage.  Try that with your AR-15.
  11. If you’ve read this far, I’ve nothing against an AR-15.  I’d own one, but I already have an AK-47 with all the trimmings.  Those of you who no longer want your AR-15s, please send them to me.
  12. If Davey Crockett would have had an AK-47 with high capacity magazines, the Alamo would have a different history to tell.  We might even own Mexico now.
  13. If bad guys have fearsome weapons (they do and always will), then I want to have more fearsome and fiercer weapons to protect my family, home, and country (and I do…  enter the AK-47 and the 2nd Amendment).
  14. Here’s how the safety on an AK-47 works:  1) NEVER point the gun at something you do not intend to shoot and would not ever shoot; 2) Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot; 3) Flip the safety lever to the fire position.  Two out of three are on you.  Well, actually, all three are on you because you have to make the conscious decision to take off the safety and pull the trigger.  So it’s not about the gun after all, is it?
  15. An AK-47 has a clutch, so it’s not really an automatic.  And the magazine is technically called a rumble box; and the hand grip is really known as a fright grip.  It does sound a lot more sinister to say that you want to outlaw all those evil, diabolical rifles, especially the ones that have a clutch, use a high capacity rumble box, and feature a fright grip.  And let’s not forget how it being black makes it so much more dreadful, just like many cars are painted black to look ghoulish.  The color does make things more dangerous, you know.  No offense to my fine friends of any color.  But it does give one reason to ponder:  If liberals (republican, democrat, socialist, communist, and anarchist alike) want to outlaw a firearm because it is black, among other things, then how to they really feel about people who are black?  Red?  Yellow?  White?  That leads to the big question:  Who is the real racist?


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