Liberal Bait

The priority here is to Know Jesus.  Second is the patriotism expressed in the following.

“Once you do away with gun-toting Americans, then NOTHING stands in the way of anarchy, communism, injustice, Islam, oppression, or even socialism, the latter of which pretty much leads to all of the above.”

Repeal the 2nd Amendment.  That’s the liberal’s rallying cry.  They couch this, their real intent, in jargon like “responsible gun control” and “reasonable gun laws.”

But the intent is to destroy the right of Americans to keep and bear arms.  It’s embraced by poor-mouthing teenagers who think they have the answer just because they survived a school tragedy.  Yeah, I just went there.  If these kids want to act like adults, if they want to enjoy their 1st Amendment right to speak, then I’ll engage them in adult-level discussion, and also go so far as to say that their right to speak should be controlled, or limited, or even taken away.  Oh, it’s protected speech?  So is my right to bear arms.  How does it feel now, kids?  Here’s the thing:  You’re a product of social engineering.  You don’t know a thing about liberty or equality, much less how to solve a problem.

This stupid intent, to ban arms, is also embraced by the media.  Just as with the teenagers, it’s not the media’s fault though.  It’s the liberal puppeteers who use the puppet media (usually with the media’s giddy cooperation) to panhandle lies about firearms and untruths about conservative values, assassinating the character of anyone who dares to disagree with their egotistical rightness.  For the record, I dare.

In addition to puppet teens and puppet media, repeal of the 2nd Amendment is also the mantra of puppet pacifists.  They are of all religions and non-religions, from every walk of life and every race of people.  The thought of international or domestic terrorism cannot be fathomed by them, nor can they make sense of the reality of a fallen world.  So they prattle about things that challenge their pacifist ways, in reality becoming activists who make silly, unworkable demands or have equally defined expectations.

There are others who move with the pull and twist of liberal handlers.  These are just a few.

So, repeal the 2nd Amendment.  While you’re at it, repeal all the Amendments.  That’s the fair thing to do.  Just get it over with because once one of the Amendments is dismantled, all of them will be dismantled.

Yet gun control and confiscation are your cantillations.  It’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.  Something like this is your poster child?  You’re a nitwit, no offense to nits, mind you.  You fall all over yourselves to make sure babies can be murdered in the womb (tens of millions to date), that illegal foreigners walk the streets raping and killing and plundering, that marijuana is abundantly available, that sexual promiscuity is given a wink and a nod, and that Christians are the most abused and detested demographic in America.

Yes, repeal the 2nd Amendment.  Then figure out how America will survive as a nation.  And do it quickly.  For with arms, we’re free.  Without arms, we’re done, from the inside out.

Oh, wait…  One more thing.  Every time you liberal puppeteers use a tragedy or unfortunate incident for your ill-gotten gain, I’ll do something that will fully express and embrace my right to keep and bear arms, and I’ll encourage every like-minded person I know to do the same.  Who knows?  Maybe I’ll start a movement.  So I hope you say something.  I want you to say something.  I dare you to say something.  This is for all you anti-gunner, criminal lover, pro-abortion, drug promoting, sex addicted, gender twisting, unrepentant left-wing liberal reprobates and non-reprobates (you know who you are).

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But don’t forget, the greatest need is to Know Jesus.