Man Reading Book and Sitting on Bookshelf in LibraryI enjoy reading basically about anything (except boring novels and revisionist history).  I was not always enthused about the activity.  As a child, I was fairly adept at faking my reading assignments (I’d read the first and last paragraph of each chapter and call it good, which was reflected in not-so-good grades on my report cards).  However, authors like Jack London and J.R.R. Tolkien appealed to me, as did a few lame comic books, which, by today’s standard, were way to the right of a G-rating.

This pretty much represents what I was doing rather than reading when I was a boy.

This pretty much represents what I was doing rather than reading when I was a boy. (Credit © Ken Steinhoff All Rights Reserved,; used by permission.)

Times have changed and so have I.  I now highly encourage reading, witnessed by the fact that I maintain THREE libraries:  my theological library of well over 800 texts, my WORDsearch electronic library of nearly 1,000 volumes, and my hobby library which consists of almost 700 outdoor sports-related titles.  All of my libraries are suitable for academic research, reference, equipping, and, of course, recreational reading.  And yes, I’ve read all of the books or parts thereof (or I’m working on it).

Occasionally, I stumble into a book or a quote or something-in-print that grabs my attention in some way.  So be sure to check out the drop down menu for this page.  There’s some mighty fine reading somewhere in all that, both spiritual and secular reading, as well as my personal opinion or publisher’s review for the target group of readers.  Some of these you might find boring…  but I think not.  Enjoy.


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