Study guide – on bearing arms

Luke 22:35-38
The Surrender and Sacrifice of Arms

Creating Interest
– Have you ever used a firearm or other weapon to defend yourself?  If so, was it from animal or man?

– Quote the Second Amendment as best you can from memory.

– List the rights you are willing to protect for your children and future generations.

Building Foundations
– Why do you think Jesus permitted His disciples to bear two swords at the time of His arrest?

– How are you involved in protecting the right to keep and bear arms in the USA?

– How do you balance your response with your Biblical perspective of bearing arms?  Does this right matter?

Applying Truth
Personally meditate on these key words, or discuss these with your friends or small group.  Discuss what the Bible says about each one.  Determine how you will interact with these subjects this week:
– self defense
– peace
– the right to keep and bear arms


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