Study Guide: Model of Manhood (I Samuel 14:6-7, 12-13)

I Samuel 14:6-7, 12-13

Model of Manhood


1.  Who is the one man you admire most, and why?

2.  List two of your strengths.  Explain how you should live these in a way that influences a boy.

3.  Describe how a man should properly exercise his right to bear arms – why, when, how, etc.

Of all that manhood is, Jonathan defined it well.

He was faithful.  He acknowledged that God can save by many or by few.

He was patriotic.  Some man needed to exercise his right to bear arms.  Some patriot needed to teach young men that no one messes with his country and lives to tell about it.

He was courageous.  He had the type of courage that emboldens young men and boys to have spiritual fortitude.  A man whose courage is tempered by faith is unstoppable.

He was inspirational.  He inspired others in matters of faith, matters of manhood, and matters of life.  If we need nothing else in our world today, it’s men who will inspire boys to greatness.

He was graceful.  A man who is a model of manhood might be a barbarian but he can still be graceful in his barbarian ways.  He might be civilized and he should always be graceful in his civilized ways.  He should be both, having grit with grace.

1.  Biblically speaking, what does it mean to have grit with grace?  A masculine answer, please!

2.  Tell how your faith affects your developing manhood (or, how has faith in God changed you?).  What goals do you have in living like the man God wants you to be?

Take a few minutes to write your thoughts on this devotional.  Reflect on your own experiences.  Key words:       mentoring        manhood          faith

Copyright © 2009 Don Hamlin.  Permission is granted to reproduce this page.


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