Study Guide: What Is Your God? (Acts 17:29)

Acts 17:29

What Is Your God?


1.  What is your favorite sport?  Your favorite professional sports team?

2.  Rank your four most valuable monetary investments, from greatest to least.

3.  What home-made item do you enjoy using outdoors?  Explain how you made it.

Men think they can shape God into images and conditions that are convenient for a godless lifestyle.  Eventually, we discover that we cannot form God into what we want Him to be.  That’s why a godless life is empty, for we cannot put the image of God into things of our own design.  But God can put His image into things of His design.  He created us in His image.  We are the offspring of God.

Sometimes our pretty equipment receives higher favor than our Bibles.  Sometimes we make our chapel a sports arena or wilderness.  We are too often tempted to worship gods of guns or cars.  These are mute gods who cannot make themselves known to us.  Dead gods who cannot resurrect a molecule.  Only the living God, King of kings and Lord of lords, can speak and reveal His Divine Nature to us.  Only He can bring the dead back to life.  Only He is holy, righteous, and true – divine characteristics out of the grasp of men’s hands.

1.  How has God revealed His Divine Nature to you?

2.  Are you regularly worshipping God?  What elements of worship are most profound for you?  If you are not regular in your worship, will you begin?  What will you do?

Take a few minutes to write your thoughts on this devotional.  Reflect on your own experiences.  Key words:       idol                  image of God                worship

Copyright © 2005 Don Hamlin.  Permission is granted to reproduce this page.


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