A Moth, a Miller, and a Cute Butterfly

A Moth, a Miller, and a Cute Butterfly

Moths, candle

A moth, a miller, and a cute butterfly
To the glow of a flickering candle
Drew near, but rather than flutter by
Thought the flame was a light they could handle.

The moth saw the wax as a glistening pool;
A swim would be very enthralling.
So he dove to the deep but it wasn’t that cool;
The next drip sent the moth a-moth-balling.

The miller was drawn to the smoke in a flash;
So he flew with his engines a-revvin’.
But the heat was too hot and it burned him to ash;
Now he’s milling around up in heaven.

The butterfly thought, “I’ll be smarter than they;
I’ll just flap at the flame with a flutter.”
But he fanned the fire hot and could not get away,
And the butterfly melted like butter.