Testicles – check ’em

Testicular cancer is the most common cancer for males between 15 and 35.  Because of this, many doctors recommend a regular testicular self-examination.  An easy way to get into a routine is to CHECK 2 on the 2nd of each month.  If you suspect anything, or feel pain or other unusual sensations, visit your doctor immediately.

BOYS!  DO NOT HESITATE TO TALK ABOUT THIS WITH YOUR PARENT(S),  especially if you have any concerns about your self-check.

Even at my age when I have an annual physical, the doctor examines my testicles.  We discuss what he’s looking for and what I should look for in my own self-checks.  If you have questions, talk to your family health care provider about this important examination, at any age.

The Mayo Clinic suggests this self-examination method.

The graphic below will get you started:

Testicular self exam, 3






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