Men’s Health

ManAs I get older, I’m more aware of my own health and the future of it.  The ultimate future, of course, is a resurrected body in Christ – a real, eternally perfect body clothed only in heavenly garments woven from His righteousness.  Take that, disease and death!  But for now, I can only observe with less certainty the current status of this earthly house, this tent, as Paul called it in II Corinthians 5:1.

Therefore, for males of all ages, I offer a men’s health checklist to remind all of us that our male bodies need attention, discipline, and watch-care.  I also offer health tips and Biblical perspectives and, of course, the disclaimer that this is not medical advice or treatment.  It’s just a heads up from one (aging and experienced) guy to another.

Alcohol use

Colon health

Dehydration (Mayo Clinic, dehydration)



Masturbation:  A Biblical primer for young men

Mental health


Oral hygiene

Osteoarthritis:  my story

Prostate gland

Testicles – check ’em



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