Hurricane Florence

I’m watching “live” weather tracking of Hurricane Florence even as I write this. The way I see it, Flo’s damage and destruction are not going to be from her great winds or ark-inviting rains or lofty surge. She’ll hit the Carolinas with all of that. But her most devilish act will be to use her northeast to southwest rotation to sweep much of the stench and rot of Washington D.C. to more fairer, innocent, undeserving places.

I’ve never advocated for D.C. to be viewed as the swamp, as so many others do. I wouldn’t wish that upon any lowland and its flora and fauna. D.C. is a sewer, a septic tank bloated with brute beasts and vile vermin that prattle against life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. I’m personifying the District, of course, nothing against any of its fine, upstanding residents.

There is no life where babies are murdered in the womb and pretentious racism abounds. There is no liberty where a Christian is deemed a villain and a heathen is declared a hero. There is no happiness where working men struggle in their patriotic course while politicians jubilate in the working man’s struggle.

We’re (Americans) probably being hoodwinked into thinking that Flo will unite us, as past tragedies have tended to do, albeit temporary. Flo will not. We’re sorrowfully beyond that now. It’s too predictable: The blame for any of Flo’s antics will fall upon compassionate conservatives, probably even compassionate Christian conservatives (I can hear it now: “Where is your God now?”). And the Carolinas will be the proving grounds.