Firearms: The Big Problem

There is a big problem with firearms in the United Stated of America.  But it’s only a problem for the emotional reactors to gun-related tragedies.  And it’s a problem for liberal, amoral agenda-pushers who, along with the reactors, are clueless about civics and push to disarm American citizens.  The thing is, disarming and other forms of arms control didn’t work very well for millions of Jews, Bosnians, Rwandans, Kurds, and Native Americans.  At least that’s the truth in non-revisionist history.

Many who have experienced the horrible tragedy of having been shot, shot at, or having a family member or friend shot, have one thing on their mind:  Take away guns from Americans and destroy them.  “We’ll then live happily ever after.  No one will get shot.  We’ll be safe.  Peace will settle in.  It will make everyone feel better about social interactions with others.”  The wise-as-a-serpent-and-harmless-as-a-dove patriot knows that this is a non-workable, wide-open door for giddy madmen to exploit.

This sentiment of arms control spreads quickly to those who sympathize with these victims of atrocity.  And the sympathizers dash headlong to speak or spew venomous lies about that which they know not.  They must do so, for as it is said, “If a lie is repeated often (and passionately) enough people will believe it.”  One cannot be an amoral liberal puppeteer if people have guns.  Let me expose their rationale:  Sympathization can lead to gun registration, then restrictization, then confiscation, and then ultimately communization.  I made up one of the words, but you get the picture.

Back to the victims.  They need time to heal, at least as much as can be made well.  We need to be the rational voice in this time of their distress.  And we need to stand guard against emotional, immature social engineering.  That means to not play into the liberal puppeteer’s hand nor affirm the immature rationale of children.

Some of us get it.  I, too, have had family members gunned down, and at least one friend.  In every case, the firearm leapt out the drawer or holster, loaded itself, aimed at my kin, and shot them to pieces.  It then went around looking for another family member to satisfy its cold-steel thirst for blood until no one was left standing.  Yep, that’s a gun for you.  Of course, I’m being sickly cynical, but doesn’t that paint the picture we’re presented by emotional reactors and liberal puppeteers?

Really though.  In one case (or more, we stopped counting after one) my family members were shot and killed by drunkards and druggies.  In another case, my cousins, who couldn’t fill the middle of this “o” with their combined brain matter, did the killing, which, by the way, maimed their own mother (who also slung lead during the family feud).  And my friend was gunned down at his school by a drive-by shooter.  So please don’t tell me that I don’t know what I’m talking about.  (I hesitate to add that some nitwit shot at me during a dove hunt – I ducked behind a tree but still had lead shot bounce off my thankfully-heavy hunting jacket.)  Incidentally, at one time, I owned the gun that shot down my uncle.  After that deadly incident, I rescued the pistol and it lived a peaceful life until I traded it away for a more menacing firearm which has yet to fulfill the fatal fantasies of the gun-control/gun-constraint/gun-confiscate adherents.

This goes deeper than naive school children know and feigning adults admit.  It’s the societal-cultural structure that’s at fault, and which has been patiently and progressively pieced together in the last few generations.  It masquerades as a polite, humble worldview while in reality it is a vulgar, brutal regimen.  And now a younger generation blames people like me, and inanimate objects, and peaceful organizations (like the NRA of which I’m gladly a life member, and which has taught more children firearms safety than all other organizations combined) for the hostilities, mostly because these kids have been brainwashed to believe that the following issues are settled law, social norms, and sanctioned responses:

  • The Christian Bible has no place in the classroom.  Leave it at home or better yet, burn it.  It’s an embarrassing piece of fake literature.
  • Christian symbols are to be ridiculed and removed.  Unrelentingly shout down those who wear a cross or display a manger scene because they have no freedom of speech or religion.  Or just pee on baby Jesus.  It’s okay because that’s real free speech.
  • Speaking of Jesus, don’t.  But you are free to read and quote out loud Allah, Buddha, Malcolm X, Marx, Satan, Witch Hazel, and others who have earned your admiration and devotion.
  • Christian “convictions” are intolerable gestures by wacky religious hypocrites.  Don’t tolerate them.  Malign and censure them because they know nothing about toleration.
  • Christianity has no place in our society because there is a wall of separation between church and state.  Its public expression should be disallowed, with insolent action if necessary.  According to the Constitution, we must suppress it.  (For the record, separation between church and state is not in the Constitution; and although the deist Thomas Jefferson mentioned it in a letter, the phrase was coined by the Christian Roger Williams in the 1600’s to describe a movement that sought to protect people from the heavy-hand of a government that wished to be head of the church.  What goes around comes around.)
  • Church shootings are not as important as school shootings.  Who needs those Christians anyway?  (My own observation is that there is not nearly the amount of call for gun-control, or any action for that matter, after a church shooting as there is after a school shooting, especially when the bad guy with a gun is stopped by a good guy with a gun as happened at a church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, in November 2017 – and the good guy had a…  dare I say it…  an AR15 response rifle – note that it was not an assault rifle.  And dare I say this:  An armed citizen took action there, much to the dismal contrast of four “highly trained,” armed law enforcement officers standing around outside a school in Florida while inside a madman was gunning down kids.  Egads, people!)

There’s more.  The societal-cultural structure now includes a huge wing that harbors, fertilizes, and caters to the devaluing of human life and the defense of immoral choices:

  • Abortion
  • Euthanasia
  • Bullying (oppression or whatever you want to call it)
  • Narcissism (self-absorption)
  • Moral dissonance
  • Lifestyle demands
  • Arming children with violent video games, putrid music, dysfunctional families, crummy education, and sports idolatry while at the same time dishing out the ammo of alcohol, marijuana, condoms, revisionist history, and entitlements.

We’re now told, commanded, expected, demanded, forced, and legislated – under penalty of giving up our own life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness – that we HAVE TO accept and condone murdering babies, and homosexual marriage, and trashing of our religious practices, and tossing out of our own Biblical and moral values.  Not to mention surrendering our right to bear the arms of our choice.

Talk about having a gun stuck in your face.

The bottom line is not firearms.  Thank God we have them.  Thank you Jesus that I have them (invading criminals and evil nations beware, school children and church-goers be glad).  The real bottom line – the BIG problem – is the culture of devalued life and glorified death that is now embraced and enforced from sea to shining sea.  Don’t believe me?:  It’s okay to joyfully go about murdering millions of children in the womb; oh, but let us be sensationally-sensitive to murdering dozens of children in the room.

Who really loves kids more than guns?