Alphabet Agenda

A – Abortion.

It’s otherwise known as murdering children.

“A” has a several rivals, including allied, asexual, agender, and aromantic, all of which violate God’s gifts of gender (discussed further under the letter T below).

One might ask, “What justice is there in abortion?  What is righteous about homosexuality or denying one’s gender?”  In truth, these cannot be answered by any society’s or culture’s logic but only by Biblical reasoning.  Standards of right and wrong rest in the Holy Scriptures, the one unchangeable Truth in which the very laws of the land stand in fickle contrast.  For example, where do we draw the line on murder?  We know it as the illegal taking of a person’s life.  In that definition, two questions arise:

    • By what standard is legality (or rightness) defined?
    • When does life begin?

In the first, the standard can only be the truths in the Bible about the act of murder.  In the second, if a person can ultimately be identified by one’s DNA, which is scientifically undeniable even to pagans, atheists, and other non-Christian people, then at the moment of conception, a person is created since there is undeniable DNA evidence that identifies a unique person; in this case, an innocent and vulnerable person at that.

He or she, the child-person within, is not the woman’s body for he/she bears his/her own identity.  The mother AND father are now the ones responsible for caring for the child-person who resides inside her body but is not part of her body.  If it is argued that this is about a woman’s body, then test-tube babies (embryos) should be thought of as being the test-tube itself or part of the glass material that makes up the test-tube, both of which are absurd.  On a side note, it is puzzling how great care is taken to produce a much wanted child by means of a test-tube (not to mention the severe penalties associated with harming that process), yet great carelessness is sported in the act of intercourse that produces an unwanted child who, alone, bears the death penalty for the capricious exploit.

The “its-my-body-and-I-should-have-the-right-to-do-whatever-I-want-with-it” argument also fails on another fact.  A woman’s blood system is part of her body, too, but I don’t hear any of feminine or masculine gender protesting that she has the right to rip it out.  Truth is, isn’t that what health care issues are all about, that is, saving life at all costs?  Her blood is, after all, life-giving substance.  That is telling, because God had something to say about that a long time ago:  The life of the flesh is in the blood (Leviticus 17:11).  That brings us back to the little fellow conceived within.  The life of his/her flesh is in the blood, both his/her mother’s and his/her own.

More questions arise:  Is a child’s bedroom the mother’s bedroom also?  Yes.  Does she have the right to make it unsafe for the baby by endangering the little one to sharp instruments, severe temperatures, malnutrition, or invaders?  No.  The social services industry is built around that type of endangerment to a child.  So what is the difference between the womb and a room?  Into each a child-person is introduced.  In each a child-person grows.  To each, a mother (and her society, culture, or family) is obliged to protect life.  If she is unwilling to do these things, then she should  not get pregnant.  If she does get pregnant because of her and her male partner’s irresponsibility, that is her and his failing.  Her “right to choose” to end conceived life is not a fail-safe decision.  It is an abhorrent and loathsome solution for the consequences of intercourse to which she and he gave ill-thought, and the consequential life with which she, he, and their society, culture, or family must now recognize as a person in need of life-giving care.  I could bring into this argument a more complete Biblical defense, but for now, just read This Gross Thing – on abortion.

B – Bisexuality.

C – Communism.

The goal of socialism, which is the goal of liberalism, which is the goal of malcontent-patriots; and I use the term “patriots” lightly here.  Maybe I should say faux-patriots or patriot-wanna-be’s.  Blast it!  I won’t sully the title of “patriot” by using it in the same sentence with any of those isms.

Climate change is a close second.  The liberals’ goal is for everyone to believe in their highly skewed views of the topic, mostly because only they are right and anyone else who thinks logically, rationally, and scientifically is wrong.  Conveniently for them, their politics of climate change (or global warming, we’re not fooled by terms) skips their socialist agenda entirely and goes right to communism.

D – Double standard, and equal to that is democrat.

You all have a long way to go to bring your party back to some semblance of sanity, morality, and honesty.  Truth is, so do both parties, or any party of any political stripe.  Democrat just happens to begin with the letter “D” and rhymes with “double standard.”  Not really, but too, any party-line-towing jack ass will make you out to be wrong while they are always right.  If they can do it, so can I.  Oh, I can’t?  I’m not allowed?  I’m never right?  A hateful man disguises himself with his speech, but he lays up deceit in his heart.  When he speaks graciously, do not believe him, for seven abominations fill his heart.  Though his hatred is concealed by deception, his wickedness will be exposed in the assembly.  (Proverbs 26:24-26)

E – Evolution.

Embryonic stem cell research is an equal.  Anything else that tampers with life and basically tells God to take a flying leap, and that begins with the letter “E” (or not), insert here.

F – Feminism.

Will some of you gals stop trying to make pansies out of our boys?  They don’t need your dope of estrogen.  They need to bleed, catch frogs, chop wood, drink from the same container, fish and hunt (yes, kill animals), get dirty, hammer nails, jump off high things, mow grass, pee on trees, play Army, play cowboys and Indians, play in the fire, shoot guns, sing, skinny dip (and even skinny hike), skip rocks, smell like a man, throw knives, whistle, work on cars, and wrestle.  And will some of you men start letting your boys do these things, and do it with them?  Gee whiz, people!  It’s in a boy’s DNA!  Stop trying to breed it out of him with some of the other letters of the alphabet agenda.

G – Gay rights.

H – Health care.

I – Illegal immigration.

It’s better known as “make the American citizen obey the law and punish him when he doesn’t, but invite the illegal immigrant to break the law and reward him when he does.”

J – Judicial activism.

K – KKK.

Ku Klux Klan and any other number of their bigoted and disgusting ilk.

The Koran also starts with the letter K, if you’re old school.  Newer spellings begin with the letter Q (Quran, or something like that).  I must note here that the Holy Bible has never changed its spelling, its message, nor its source of Truth.

L – Lesbians.

M – Marijuana.

N – Nepotism.

O – Oppression.

P – Pansexual.

Well now, we can avoid the whole alphabet scheme by just using this word for every gender/sexual connotation and choice, but that would be an affront to Peter Pan, otherwise known as an adventurous boy in a really terrific, fictional story.  Pan, although the leader of a loyal gang of boys who were naturally testosterone-filled males, showed affection for naturally estrogen-filled girls.  He had a natural, hormone- inflicted, serious crush on the lead female character.  Everything as it should be – even fiction writers get it right sometimes.  God got it right from the beginning, and still does.

Q – Queer.

Yes, I know “Q” can also mean “Questioning,” but now “queer” is an acceptable term again, except when I call them that.  Queer is not to be confused with the ball-carrier in “smear the queer,” a playground game we boys played in elementary school.  None of us wanted to be the queer.  Oh, wait…  Maybe it is to be confused with that.  Isn’t that queer?

R – Registration, as in gun registration.

Why does the government and liberal ilk of this country want to know what kind of firearms I own, how many, or where I keep them?  Oh, this is the first and most important step in gun confiscation?  Now I get it.  And so will the bad guys when they gleefully celebrate a free reign of terror upon unarmed citizens.  Gun registration is simply tacit permission for criminals to do whatever they want to an unarmed society.  Not that they need permission, but a gun would provide some persuasion for them not to misbehave in its presence, though some criminal ilk don’t even get that.  Can you imagine what it will be like when they don’t have to worry about getting it at all while they run rampant in our communities?  Registration of firearms is an evil thing.  Confiscation even more so.

S – Separation of Church and State.

It’s nowhere mentioned in the Constitution of the United States of American.  It’s a clarifying statement Thomas Jefferson wrote regarding the First Amendment.  It boils down to this:  The government has no business telling the Church what to do but the Church has every right to carry out Her mission, both publicly and privately.  Make no mistake, the Church means Christendom, not Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism, Christian Science, Mormonism, Atheism, Satanism, Paganism, Shintoism, Druidism, or any other ism.  One has the freedom to worship (or not) however he desires but he doesn’t have the freedom to interfere with the Church (aka Christendom) in America.  One can be an American non-Christian and exercise his right to speak freely (protest) against all things Godly, or he can be an American Christian and exercise his right to worship freely (praise) all things Godly.  Oddly enough, both rights are enumerated and therefore protected by the First Amendment.  Let’s not forget that the Amendment specifically states that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.”  What part of prohibiting do you liberal lawmakers don’t get?

And about that public property:  It’s not yours.  It’s ours.  A small part of it is mine.  But this is a topic for another letter.

T – Transgenderism.

The DNA argument stated in letter A above also applies to gender.  If a transgender person (say, a man who identifies as a woman) demands or prefers that I call him a her, I maintain that I shall call him a him because his DNA would reveal that biological truth, and it is by the world’s standard (that is, as identified by science, yet by God’s standard above that) that I will call him a him.  His demand does not and cannot negate the truth.

His demand, in reality, is his denial.  His demand is an expectation of me that I should maintain and uphold his conviction or choice.  However, just as he has the freedom to call himself whatever he desires, I have the freedom to see him as he is, just as I have the freedom to recognize someone who may be Latino, Asian, or of African descent, which, by the way, cannot be changed either (but it can certainly be denied as well).  His freedom is not greater than mine, and his personhood is not greater than mine.

He is, then, the type of person who seeks the heavy-hand of the law to get his way.  That’s pretty selfish.  It’s also very disingenuous of him to shout me down by shouting himself up.  It’s the old “my-way-is-better-than-your-way” routine, especially when his way is meant to mock and sneer at my Christian faith.  He may put his faith in the law but that does not move me from my faith in Jesus, and it never will.  Perhaps that’s why he is so blatant and vicious.  One cannot win against the Holy God so one must throw his temper tantrum now before walking through the gates of hell.  And those gates will not prevail.

I must turn to the Bible to maintain the truth of his maleness and the silliness of his laws.  What is greater:  His denial of science and denial of the Bible, or my abiding of science and belief in the Bible?  By now, the frustrated ‘him’ will throw in, “So you hold to the science of evolution?”  And I can answer, “No, it is a scientific theory which has no basis in fact.  The Bible’s truth of creation is fact with a lot of basic in fact.  God created male and female.  Gender did not evolve by survival of the fittest.  If you choose to believe in evolution, then you must maintain that life evolved in male and female forms so as to propagate the fittest species of man.  A belief in evolution cannot sustain transgenderism for then life would devolve, thus proving evolution false; which is why the Bible is true, for its truths are eternal and cannot be swept aside or swept away by any reasoned or unreasoned thought or action of man.”

Ultimately, mine is firmer ground, for today he might be offended at me calling him a him, then tomorrow he might be offended by me calling him a her.  He wants it so that I can’t win.  He wants it so that I step into his trap, which will lead to lawsuits, which will lead to my bankruptcy, which will lead to me and my family being ostracized, which will lead to him showing me a thing or two, or maybe even teaching me a lesson about transgenderism being all about him for that is the only lesson he cares about.  Do I care about any of this?  Not really.  But I do care about him and as another of the human species, I love him.  But he should know that he is the one confused about his gender, not me.  And he should also know that he presumes to know how I feel about him.  Truth hurts but not when you stand with it.

For now, I choose to stand on holy ground and what I believe to be Biblical truth that trumps anything scientific, illogical, immoral, unethical, or illegal.  And not only for now but forever.

U – Unions.

V – Vegetarian.

W – Worker’s rights.

X – Xenophobia.

Racism, plain and simple.

Y – Yippie.

This radical “philosophy” is still alive and well today, and in its new edition it is drastically affecting the worldview of young adults.  Think of anything ‘anti.’  That’s yippiism.  Think of anything stupid that’s forced upon a free society by brainless, brainwashed, brain-dead hooligans and/or liberals (it’s hard to tell the difference sometimes).  That’s yippiism.  And now these neo-yippies are invading our government via female, foul-mouthed millennial politicians and their male counterparts, the formerly toxic now eunuchized and sissified guys (I cannot bring myself to call them men), and other sectors of society like businesses, churches, schools, and any last vestige of masculinity.  Neo-yippies are synonymous with feminism because men are largely absent from the movement, or perhaps just cowardly.  Yip-pie.

Z – Zero tolerance.

It’s the escape clause for “grown-ups” who act thoughtlessly, unmercifully, and in most cases ridiculously because they can’t think for themselves or don’t have the heart to make a mature decision.  They’d rather a little boy eat his lunch sandwich into the shape of a wine bottle or flower instead of a pistol or knife.  These are the same people who won’t tolerate a “Make America Great Again” ball cap but gladly wear or approve of the public wearing of a vagina hat at feminist rallies.  I think men should wear penis shoes at masculine rallies but that wouldn’t be tolerated either; not because of penises but because masculinity is toxic and there’s no place in society for adventure, chivalry, fearlessness, gallantry, nobility and, heaven help us, manly Christian virtue.  But that still leaves us with what to do with the penis.