60 & beyond, October

October 1 – In the beginning, man was created to work the Garden and dominate the world, not to work his marriage and dominate his wife.  A Godly marriage takes love, not work and domination.  LOVE.

October 2 – The American Flag and The National Anthem are patriotic symbols of the greatest nation on earth, of all time.  One who protests these treasures protests freedom bought by the blood of warriors, liberty secured by the sweat of heroes, and peace guarded by the courage of good men.  Take the National Football League…  please, take it, and the NBA while you’re at it.  We don’t want them.  The USA doesn’t need a bunch of silly, prissy-footed, rich jackasses protesting the Flag or the Anthem because they got their feelings hurt.  That’s not patriotism, that’s dissension, and causing lots of it in communities around the country.  It is certainly not unifying.  If athletes (and I use that term loosely) want to protest, how about manning up and cleaning up the game:  No more head to head hits, or throwing a temper tantrum because you can’t get your own way, or showboating (I think those are called personal fouls and we get tired of seeing them). That would be an interesting protest at a post-game interview:  “I didn’t hit the guy in the head because I’m a decent man and there’s enough violence in the world without me doing something stupid like disrespecting my peer.”  THAT would go enormously far.  Protesting the Flag or the Anthem goes about as far as baby’s burp.  So athletes (and I use that term loosely), clean up your own ranks first.  Remove the beam out of your own eye before plucking the speck out of the public’s eye.  Try competing honestly rather than protesting childishly.  Honor the country and your fellow man (and woman).  Grow up and be a model of manhood, if you have the balls – and not just game balls.

October 3 – I seem to have been a little over the top yesterday.  Good, because now there are children mimicking so-called athletes, grown men (and I use that term loosely) who will go down in history as having taught a younger generation to be dishonorable, disrespectful, and uncivil.  Hope you’re happy.

October 4 – I recently went to one of the lousiest gun shows I’ve ever attended, for $14 at that.  It was officially billed as a Prepper/Gun Show but there was nothing prepperish nor gun showish about it.  There was so much junk that if it were to all just mercifully vanish, the entire lot of decent stuff could have been displayed in my garage.  In truth, I made this a people-watching excursion, although I will admit that I walked away with two new knives after having unloaded a day pack full of junk in trades.  The knives will go to grandkids.

October 5 – God is unspeakably rich, beyond measure.  I just want to be as poor in spirit as possible so I can inherit His wealth.  (Matthew 5:3)

October 6 – Our culture has such a devalued and cheapened sense of life and morality that it’s no wonder mass shootings take place (there, I said it), and mass drag queen readings are uttered to silly parents exposing impressionable children to such whoredom.  Yeah…  there, I said it again.

October 7 – Well, I might as well continue to step in it from yesterday…  Liberalism and its partner, socialism, and their motivator, communism, have reduced human life to about the price of an abortion, either by a medical procedure, madman’s bullet, immoral wedding, or a maniac’s rant against conservative ideology and Biblical truth.  Clearly, abortion – which fueled the devaluing of human life a long time ago – doesn’t end at the birth canal.  One can be aborted from life at any stage, and from morality anywhere along the lifeline of human living.  This should matter because the next target is spirituality, which, by the way, has already received heavy collateral damage from the whoremongers.

October 8 – You’d think a flock of over one hundred white pelicans hanging out on a small island would be a beautiful sight.  It is, until you row near enough to see their boorish behavior up close.  I guess they can’t help how much they act like old men.  Or maybe old men can’t help how much they act like churlish pelicans.

October 9 – Mine is not to put salvation into the heart of people.  That’s the Holy Spirit’s work.  Mine is to put salvation into the head of people, and to appeal to their heart in the process.

October 10 – Choose the path that builds character and doesn’t tear it down.  At times, though, those two paths will cross.

October 11 – Men have quickly, if not conveniently, forgotten that we are made of dirt.  (Genesis 3:19)

October 12 – Here is the wording of the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America:  “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”  It abounds with commas but there is one in particular that gives the full breadth of meaning to this Right:  the comma between the word ‘State’ and ‘the’ – the second comma.  It gives the Second Amendment its purpose.  It recognizes in the first phrase that the militia is fully armed, as is necessary to our nation’s security.  To keep the militia in check (that is, from taking over), the second phrase – The Right of the people to keep and bear arms – makes sure that law-abiding American citizens shall also be armed, and that their arming shall not be undermined or compromised.  The Second Amendment – The Second Comma – The Second Phrase:  These have nothing to do with joining a militia, hunting, sport, self defense, or collecting.  These have everything to do with the patriot citizen being the first responder for his nation’s safety, security, and defense of freedom.  Thus armed, he IS the militia, he CAN hunt and enjoy sports, he WILL defend himself and his family, and he BETTER fight for his country.

October 13 – If you go far enough into the headwaters of a man-made lake, things become God-made.

October 14 – If you go far enough into the tailwaters of a man-made lake, things become messed up.

October 15 – With every evil I hear about in this world, I clean my guns, sharpen my knives, and check my armory.  But above all, I make sure that my main weapon is thoroughly reviewed:  the Bible.

October 16 – I feel naked without my sarong.

October 17 – How to use an elevator:  When the door opens, get on or get out now.  Don’t just stand there looking stupid and in everyone’s way.

October 18 – Back to the elevator:  Men, when the door opens and a lady is either getting on or getting off, let her go first, or give her your place in a crowded elevator, or make room for her, or catch the door so she doesn’t get hit by it.  Not doing any of these?  Then you’re just a stupid, inconsiderate man.  Well, at least stupid and inconsiderate because you’re not much of a man.

October 19 – A draw string pack is in reality just a purse for men.

October 20 – Racism:  an overused and misused term mostly cited by those who don’t know how to cry foul without using that term.

October 21 – Anyone can be labeled a racist when a mean, hateful, self-centered, narcissistic, egomaniac niggardly accuses him of such.

October 22 – Although immoral, unethical, and unbiblical, racism is not illegal, but it welcomes many to be all those things.

October 23 – I was raised in a southern home which relocated to the north where my dad could find work and escape poverty.  In addition to being rather poor at the time, and Christian, and of Appalachian decent, no one on either side of my family really had much of an academic education.  So we were humiliated, ostracized, snubbed, and the butt end of every offense and joke.  No one works harder than the one who moves to find work and escape poverty and become a peaceful, contributing member of society.  That usually brings out the best in racists.

October 24 – One can mask his sin if he redacts the Bible sufficiently.

October 25 – Our churches need more Bible study teachers, not best seller tutors.

October 26 – These are my thoughts after I had to walk out of a “worship” service when the music got roaring so loudly that I could barely hold myself together to keep from being vibrated out of my skin:  The leader of the band, Resounding Gongs (name changed to protect the guilty), says, “We worship a loving, merciful, gracious, gentle, peace-giving God.  So let’s make a joyful noise with our ear-splitting drums, heart-bursting guitars, rib-rattling bass, teeth-chattering vocals, and toenail-curling maxed-out sound system!  Raise your hands!  Raise your hands, because you gotta be feeling good about this!”  I think that’s what they said.  I couldn’t hear over the clanging cymbals.

October 27 – I recently attended a large Christian meeting in a mega-church setting (see previous day’s observation about the worship).  People-watching, I found it odd that so many Christians asked a total stranger to watch their stuff so nobody would bother it while they stepped away for some reason (bathroom, phone call, ordering food, whatever).  Even I was asked by a guy I had never met to watch his stuff “so nobody will take it.”  First, must one really do this at an event of several hundred professing Christians?  And second, why would one ask a total stranger to watch their stuff so another total stranger would not bother it?

October 28 – Prestige, position, power, and pretty paychecks will lead a man to ruin.

October 29 – Men, stop treating someone with whom you have a difference as having sinned.  A man can make a mistake and can, in fact, be in error about things – he can be wrong – but it doesn’t mean he has sinned.  But if you are treating him as if he has sinned, maybe you’re the man.  (II Samuel 12:1-13)

October 30 – The Civil War taught us nothing.  America is now the most uncivil it has ever been.  The current cesspool of government fertilizes this incivility.

October 31 – All crimes are hate crimes.