60 & beyond, July

July 1 – Everyone thinks they’re right, but I know for a fact that they’re not.

July 2 –  For the believer, the two central tests of discerning God’s will are nonconformity to the world and transformation through mind-renewal.  The outcome of these two things gives proof of the good, acceptable, perfect will of God.  (Romans 12)

July 3 – I find it interesting that atheists send a message that ultimately there is no meaning in life…  and they mean it.

July 4 – Today I feel compelled to mention this:  When President George W. Bush took office, he inherited a rather questionable national security policy that, over a period of years, had weakened our nation’s safety and defense.  Then it happened.  9-11.  After 9-11, America went 2,687 days under President Bush without another terrorist attack, domestically or abroad.  When the next president took office (and I prefer to not even have his name mentioned in my personal journal), it took less than half that time – 1,330 days – until America was attacked again at the USA’s Libyan Embassy where our ambassador and three other Americans were assassinated.  Whether or not you like him, President Bush took bold action to uphold his oath as President of the United States of America to protect our great nation.  When liberal, shifty, cowardly policies and actions replace liberating, patriotic, and brave initiatives, violent oppressors will have a hay day, domestically and abroad, as we witness today.  May our current president, President Donald Trump, correct that.  May future presidents hold to it.  And may real men, Godly men, move to the front lines to protect our faith, families, and federation.

July 5 – Let me get this straight.  Someone who condones vices like alcohol and tobacco use, who embraces a liberal political agenda, who allows their kids to be better than and to snub their peers, and who has a know-it-all view of working with kids, has the nerve to offer me a list of criticisms of a young minister who is just trying to do the best he can, and who, from my viewpoint of many years in ministry from the national level down to the local church, happens to be one of the best in his field.

July 6 – A high maintenance person is Satan’s puppet.  They keep others busy taking care of their selfish ways at the expense of people dying and going to hell because they can’t hear the message of hope from others who are busy taking care of high maintenance people.

July 7 – My favorite restaurant is in a gas station.  That’s on a tee shirt.  And it’s true.  Joe’s BBQ, Kansas City.

July 8 – An old Native American death song says, “Nothing lasts long, only the earth and the mountains.”  That’s why we need to go to people with the Good News that Jesus Christ is Lord (Acts 10:36)…  because there is an eternal Way of life.  And people can last longer than “long.”  They can live forever.

July 9 – I never apologize for what I believe is right, though on occasion I’ve had to apologize for the way I defended what I believe is right.  Except when I’m dealing with a double-minded man (or woman).  I find that a little force is needed since it’s basically two against one.

July 10 – Don’t mow over honey bees.  Anything else is fair game.

July 11 – Have you ever noticed that critters with 8 legs, 2 legs, or no legs are the most dangerous kind of vermin?

July 12 – I firmly believe in believing.

July 13 – It’s not always a good thing when the rubber meets the road.  I’ve seen too many burnouts, skid marks, and discarded retreads.  I’ve also seen some good-looking donuts but those, too, are just signs of someone going around and around in circles.

July 14 – Lambs give.  They give wool.  They give lamb chops.  Sometimes they give company to people as a pet.  They give leather and ribs and photo-ops.  They never take.  The Lamb of God gave and took.  He gave His life and took away our sins.  (John 1:29).

July 15 – When you soak in memorable experiences, be sure to wring them out later.

July 16 – I keep my hair cut short so I won’t have to let it down.

July 17 – Better to dwell with my head stuck in a hornets nest than to put up with a sneaky, conniving woman.  (Proverbs 21:9, 19) 

July 18 – My first confirmed kill in Alaska was a mosquito.

July 19 – Those who snore always say that they wake themselves up.  I say that they don’t wake up enough nor long enough.

July 20 – Men want to show their masculinity.  Women want them to know their masculinity.

July 21 – I’m always leery of the preacher who brags that he doesn’t know anything about music, like tune, tone, or rhythm.  Biblically, he should know something.

July 22 – To complicate the message of the Cross is to do something to it that God didn’t (I Corinthians 15:3-4).

July 23 – Sand is God’s reminder that it’s easier to walk on streets of gold.

July 24 – Gravel is God’s reminder that it’s easier to run on streets of gold.

July 25 – The only difference between Alaska and Appalachia is that Alaska has white tops on the mountains, where as Appalachia has white lightning in the mountains.

July 26 – If a person cannot “identify” his/her/its God-given gender, I have zero confidence that he/she/it will be able to identify the enemy in battle, not only in the military but also in fighting spiritual wickedness in high places (Ephesians 6:12).  I don’t know about you but I don’t want shot, shot at, or shunned by someone who is disoriented, reoriented, or unoriented, regardless of how sane, patriotic, or religious he/she/it feigns to be.

July 27 – Never apologize for something that is not your fault.

July 28 – If you sustain an injury that bleeds, let it bleed.  If it bleeds a lot, let it bleed a little.  If it bleeds a little, let it bleed a lot.  Then let it scab over.  It’s how God made your body to cleanse and cover a wound.  Of course, if the injury is squirting blood into the air, get help fast.

July 29 – It’s said that a human’s mouth has more germs than a dog’s mouth.  That would be true if a human is going around sniffing and licking another person’s anus, licking his own butt and genitals, eating or fetching dead animals, chewing on unidentified rotten objects, drinking toilet water, or tipping over garbage cans.  On the other hand, there are those who eat their boogers so I suppose that might make the grade.

July 30 – In a good debate, everyone is enlightened, but nothing good comes from an argument.

July 31 – If animals were created before plants, trees would be climbing squirrels in order to get something to eat.