60 & beyond, February

February 1 – Men are always wanting to know the unknowable.  How a man can be born again comes to mind.  Nicodemus said to Him, “How can a man be born when he is old?  Can he enter a second time into his mother’s womb and be born?”  (John 3:4)

February 2 – I’d rather be around noisy children than noisy adults any day.

February 3 – Sometimes I just like to sit and think – and sometimes I just like to sit.

February 4 – A man whose courage is tempered by faith is unstoppable, even when he’s scared to death.

February 5 – What is valor?  It is the pursuit of truth.  Every patriot needs to know this and practice it.

February 6 – God’s glory equals His Lordship.

February 7 – The confidence we should have in our children – the way we raise them up to the Lord – is that when we are confronted by those who oppose us, our children will have our backs.

February 8 – Jesus should never be our backup plan – He is THE plan.

February 9 – I’m not a fan of hunting shows, or most outdoor shows for that matter, especially when the outdoorsman reveals the shallowness of his manhood by using foul language.

February 10 – A man must guard against making mere things the idols in his life, and meaningless activities a parasite of his time.

February 11 – Tools are the tackle of a manly way of life.  (I Thessalonians 3:11)

February 12 – It’s Sunday.  God, all I want to do is worship You but You’ll have to hold me up while I do.

February 13 – We can’t be called little vines if we are not attached to the Big Vine.  Very simply, when Jesus saves, we become little vines – branches – permanently and forever attached to Him.  And just like a vine’s tendrils grasping for support, we should be clingy to the Cross.  Viola!  Grapes.  Disciples.  (John 15:1, 5)

February 14 – Never mess with another man’s campfire.

February 15 – When sorting your next catch of fish, remember how Jesus described heaven.  Only good things will be found there, only the faithful followers of Christ.  When you keep your keepers, may that remind you that you are a keeper in the hands of the Heavenly Father.  (Matthew 13:47-50)

February 16 – One of these days, I’m going to invent a maintenance-free home that will last a lifetime.  Kind of like a casket for the living.

February 17 – Ministry is messy.  I’m sure I heard that somewhere, and it’s true.

February 18 – God wipes out transgressions for His sake (Isaiah 43:25).  He gives us eternal life for His Son’s sake (II Corinthians 4:11).  And He treasures us for our sake (II Corinthians 5:21).

February 19 – My first car was a 1965 Ford Mustang.  Except for the vehicles my wife and I currently drive, the Mustang is the only car I remember with distinction…  except for an old Buick that I pretend to fondly remember because it was the first car I named – Black Betty.

February 20 – Today, I learned that a colleague is retiring.  The good news is, I’m next.  The bad news is, I’m next.

February 21 – If (and I believe God does) God reaps where He hasn’t sewn and gathered where He hasn’t scattered, does that not present a real problem for those of “reformed” theology?  And what about Him wanting His own back, with interest?  (Matthew 25:14-30)

February 22 – People have a right to their own opinion, but not to mine.

February 23 – I met an old friend from another time and another place far, far away.  I told him that I had forgotten more than I know about it.  Then I realized that I remembered that which I had forgotten.

February 24 – The 12 disciples were called disciples because Jesus discipled them.

February 25 – One of the problems I have with going to “meetings” is that many men wear horrid smelling cologne that sticks to everything it touches (nostrils, hand-shakes, etc.), mostly because these guys won’t use cheap soap and water.  At least that’s the way it comes off (literally).

February 26 – If we’re going to raise boys to be men, then we need to let boys be boys.

February 27 – There is a difference between cost and sacrifice.  Cost means that something has a certain value.  Sacrifice means that the very best has been given for something of immeasurable worth.  The cost of freedom cannot be counted because it has no value.  Sacrifice makes it free because it is priceless.

February 28 – If people would only listen to half of what I have to say, I wouldn’t have to talk to them but half the time.