60 & beyond, December

December 1 – One of the secrets old houses keep is where all the mice get in.

December 2 – There are several states I’d prefer to not find myself in, like the state of confusion, state of disarray, and state of Illinois.  I can get through the first two but the latter is always in the way wherever I go.

December 3 – A rocking chair and a fireplace are the ancient predecessors of a recliner and TV set.  But the difference each pair makes to one’s soul is day and night apart.  Not so much the chairs but what is being burnt.

December 4 – Women and children first.  Cowards last.  Noble men making the distinction.

December 5 – The best footwear is no footwear.  Go barefoot!

December 6 – Today, I had a coworker’s wife bring their nearly three year old little girl to my office, give me a Christmas treat, and sing We Wish You a Merry Christmas.  Beat that.  (I’ll save you the trouble – you can’t.)

December 7 – A strand of yarn, a big balloon, and a room full of girls…  Who’d of thought that 30 minutes of “volleyball” with daughters against dads would be so much fun?  There’s nothing like a room full of laughing girls and slap-happy dads.  And yes, the girls legitimately won.

December 8 – Not every God-fearing person actually fears God; otherwise, the straight and narrow way would be crammed full of saints easily and safely en route to heaven.

December 9 – A narrow and difficult path is usually not the way of choice for the half-hearted, half-committed, and half-serious.

December 10 – One does not avoid the fear of the Lord; he enjoys the fear of the Lord if he’s in the Kingdom.

December 11 – I’m in the ministry trying my best to work myself out of a position.  Unfortunately, I have plenty of job security.

December 12 – Learn to handle weapons, and not just guns.  As best you can, master blowguns, boomerangs, bows, knives, machetes, sarongs, slingshots, spears, swords, and walking sticks.  Learn to make them, use them, and rely upon them.  Be disciplined and unassuming.  Be ready.

December 13 – My best guess is not nearly as reliable as I think I know it is.

December 14 – How can you tell if a liberal is lying?  It opens its mouth.  How can you tell if a liberal is lying?  It opens its other mouth in its other face.

December 15 – I know nothing about philosophy, even if there is such a thing.

December 16 – My quiver is full of sons, four by blood, and many by the Blood (Psalm 127:5). 

December 17 – Forgiveness is a thing of the past.

December 18 – Barbecue sauce and butter are the best condiments ever.  As is really good chocolate syrup.  Actually, the BBQ sauce and butter have to be really good, too.

December 19 – Today, my daughter is out running around somewhere in Kentucky, avoiding me calling her on her birthday!

December 20 – Glitter is devil’s dust.

December 21 – Where I come from, barbecue sauce is a beverage.

December 22 – The man who honors other men’s manhood never runs out of masculinity.

December 23 – There’s no need to run a race if all you plan to do is gloat over the prize.

December 24 – A lot of people take the name of God in vain when they observe the Lord’s Supper.  There’s also something about being a false witness.

December 25 – It’s very likely that Joseph, the earthly father of Jesus, was the first person to see Christ coming into the world.  Without a doubt, he was the first Adam to see the second Adam with his own eyes.  Righteous men always see the Savior first above anything else.

December 26 – The lowest citizens of society cared for the greatest liability of the nation:  Shepherds tending sheep.  It’s a picture of Jesus in His lowly form caring for the greatest liability of creation:  The Shepherd tending mankind.

December 27 – I don’t want to be an angel when I go to heaven.  I’ve been practicing more for sainthood.

December 28 – Nothing irritates me more than old people acting like old people.

December 29 – I’m glad young men have something to learn from me.  But I’m more glad, and blessed, when I learn something new from them.

December 30 – “He must increase, but I must decrease” (John 3:30).  I could not have said it better.  I cannot but live it bolder.

December 31 – Being outdoors under a full moon is refreshing.  Being outdoors under a full moon when it’s five below zero is really refreshing.  Being outdoors under a full moon when it’s five below zero, and naked, is for real men.