60 & beyond, August

August 1 – Dirt makes a little boy ruddier.

August 2 – A good knot holds tightly and undoes easily.

August 3 – Apocalyptic fortune-tellers foolishly talk about the end of the world on the day of the total solar eclipse August 21.  Sure, the sun will be eclipsed by the moon then, its shadow moving in a very narrow band across the USA.  In reality, there is a total solar eclipse every 18 months or so as seen from some limited location somewhere on the planet.  But contrary to false prophets stating that the sun going dark will fulfill prophecy, they forget, or conveniently ignore, that the Scripture indicates that the sun will go dark as seen from all over the earth, not in just one little bitty tiny area for a short period of time…  (to be continued…)

August 4 – …Also, scientists have calculated all the total solar eclipses for the next 600 million years, after which the moon will be too far away to completely block the sun (so they say).  Does that mean for the next 600 million years we will have apocalyptic warnings from those who peddle snake medicine every time there is an eclipse?  I don’t think so.  As for me, I intend to enjoy God’s handiwork on the 21st.  And who knows?  If I’m around in 600 million years, I hope to see a whole bunch more, or otherwise enjoy a totally new heavenly display put on by the new heavens, as seen from a new earth.

August 5 – Chocolate is always a good chaser after eating BBQ.  Then coffee.  Both dark.

August 6 – I’m guessing that prehistoric animals that went extinct in the last ice age (which was not that many years ago) would welcome a little global warming since global cooling was a bit much for them.  It’s a vicious cycle, naturally.

August 7 – A cool summer day is made better by remembering how hot it was the last time.

August 8 – Tattoos and piercings will never leave a mark like the legacy of a good man.

August 9 – Look into the eyes of a little boy around a campfire.  Just look.

August 10 – I’ve heard it said, “Fear the man who owns just one rifle because he probably knows how to use it.”  I might add that a man who owns 10 rifles is likely to be 10 times more proficient.

August 11 – Why are there no polar bears in the Antarctic or penguins in the Arctic?  Did Darwin miss this one?  Hmmm?

August 12 – I saw a bumper sticker on a motorcycle that read LOUD PIPES SAVE LIVES.  That’s not true.  Alert driving saves lives, not obnoxious, probably deaf, motorcyclists.

August 13 – Salt and pepper are nothing more than a ploy to conceal the taste of poorly prepared food.

August 14 – If those who wear a cross for jewelry would bear their own cross, being crucified with Christ, there would be meaning in their pious display of the executioner’s tree.  (Galatians 2:20)

August 15 – A naked man is only as dangerous as the darkness he wears within.

August 16 – Blessed is the lake that has no geese, and its shore upon which I can barefoot without concern.

August 17 – Blessed is the barn that has no pigeons, and its rafters from which I can swing without care.

August 18 – Blessed is the house that has no robins, and its windows which I can open without filth blowing in.

August 19 – If you don’t like the sounds of little girls squealing and screaming, and little boys making bodily noises out of both ends (real or fake), don’t drive a church bus to camp…  and back.

August 20 – Never tell a child a story if you don’t want him participating in the telling.

August 21 – New friends who are men of character and integrity are living proof that David’s and Jonathan’s manly relationship was something that only God can orchestrate.  (I Samuel 18:1, 3; 20:14-15, 41; II Samuel 1:26; Proverbs 18:24)

August 22 – A generation ago, door to door evangelism was all the rage.  It worked somewhat, as did weeks of revivals, atta-boy concerts, and Sunday School enrollment of the masses.  Nowadays, door to door is much less well-received, revivals are – well, what’s a revival? – atta-boy concerts draw groupies, and Sunday School enrollment of the masses doesn’t work because, well, because no one does door to door “visitation” any more (also because Sunday Schools are being replaced by small groups or connection groups or whatever-you-want-to-call-them-besides-Bible-study groups).  People would rather get tweeted, texted, liked, or chatted rather than amiably visited in person.  People would rather fellowship in a clique rather than click with others around Jesus.  As for door to door evangelism, I know the argument:  What if one person in twenty doors got saved?  To that I reply:  If we don’t get to pick where we sow the seed of the Gospel (Mark 4), then why are you complaining about my door to door absence and not pursuing your door to door passion?

August 23 – I didn’t marry my best friend.  I married the love of my life, whom I cherish and adore.  Best friends can’t measure up to that, though they may try.

August 24 – After it’s all over, things may not get back to normal but they will get back to something, so be prepared.

August 25 – Don’t expect the unexpected.  It will sneak up on you no matter what you do.  Prepare for the worst, prepare for the best, and prepare for everything in between.  Then just go with it.

August 26 – If you’re already thinking about Plan B, your Plan A ain’t looking so hot.

August 27 – Eating ice cream together makes grandpas and grandsons equals.

August 28 – The liberal mindset holds hostage everything that is patriotic, moral, ethical, conservative, and Biblical – especially Biblical.  They release very few hostages, and only when the hostage totally gives in to the liberal’s agenda (there is no partial giving or compromising with a liberal – don’t even think about it).  There is no coexistence with liberals, not even tolerance.  For the liberal demands complete tolerance of his worldview in exchange for his contempt and revulsion of conservative ideals.  To look into the face of a liberal is to look into the face of hatred.  To look into his other face is to look into the face of a clouded soul.

August 29 – Do not seek common ground with a liberal.  He will only take it all, and he will abuse you and everything you have in his taking.  Stand your ground as you would take a stand for kingdom of God.  NEVER give in to the liberal agenda.

August 30 – The Christian man should do everything in his power to defeat liberalism.

August 31 – Maybe I should explain what liberalism is:  It is the total abhorrence of anything that is true, noble, just, pure, lovely, and of good report.  These are the virtues and praiseworthy things that Christian men must think about, stand for, and master, and to do so without surrender, without excuse, and without apology.  (Philippians 4:8)