60 & beyond, April

April 1 – Murdering a child in the womb, once loosely known as abortion, is now deceptively referred to by the dogs who embrace it as “reproductive rights” or “reproductive care” (I use the term ‘dogs’ fittingly, if not Biblically).  What happened to reproductive responsibility between a responsibly married man and woman?

April 2 – What we have as the Bible is all we need to know (John 20:30-331).  So when we are asked the question, “Did Adam and Eve have daughters?” it is not the purpose of the Bible (God) to answer that.  It is, after all, about Jesus.

April 3 – What we have in Washington D.C. is not a swamp.  That’s an affront to the great ecosystems provided by swamps.  What we have is a cesspit.  And while every sewage system has a small number of good flora and fauna surviving in the toxic environment, every sewer also has the dirty distinction of being the final stage of human excrement.  Rarely is there hope for recycling or rehabilitation.  Eventually, the good stuff will move on or die out.  In the end, the bad stuff simply fertilizes itself.  And that’s what we have.

April 4 – I have a Muslim prayer rug in my office.  It does not face Mecca.  It faces the Cross.  Any Muslim is invited to visit, kneel, and confess Jesus is Lord.  The rug doesn’t matter, but the Cross does.

April 5 – I have a piece of a meteorite in my office, right next to the Cross.  Both are heavenly rocks but only One is Divine.  The Lord is my rock and my fortress and my deliverer; my God, my strength, in whom I will trust; my shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold.  (Psalm 18:2)

April 6 – When a man questions the amount of his salvation, he questions the amount of blood Jesus spilled on the Cross.

April 7 – All of the Holy Spirit lives in a Christian.  Pray for a loosening of you and an energizing from Him.

April 8 – King David was not allowed to build a house for God because he had shed blood (I Chronicles 28:3).  But the body is the temple of the Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians 6:19)…  because God had shed blood – and God “built” the body.  The things which are impossible with men are possible with God.  (Jesus, in Luke 18:27).

April 9 – Vacationing at home is like taking a bath in someone else’s bath water.  It’s unpleasant at first, and after a while you just can’t wait to get out and look for another way to save a little money while still being refreshed.

April 10 – Good friends tell good stories.  Old friends tell old stories.  Best friends tell good ol’ stories.

April 11 – Boys need dirt.  On them.  Everywhere.

April 12 – There are several ways to tie the laces of your shoes.  But if you go barefoot, then you don’t have to worry about it.

April 13 – I was at the local (big city) art museum today.  It occurred to me that people several centuries ago painted, sculpted, and basically made copies of their subjects, and their work is still pristine and priceless.  We, on the other, take pictures with an electronic device and if it crashes, we lose them.  Or, even if we make color copies on our printers, after a year or two they start blurring.  The problem is our “modern” educational systems.  We’re not devoting ourselves to the arts and sciences.  Even our U.S. Constitution suggests that these subjects should be promoted.  After a day at the art museum (and yes, I realize that this is only one type of art), I say we’ve got a lot of catching up to do.  Many of us know nothing about anything.

April 14 – Fences are easy to build but are much more difficult to tear down.  Gossip fences are also a breeze to build.  But they are impossible to remove.

April 15 – Never mess with another man’s TV remote.

April 16 – I know women who are more of a man than some men I know.

April 17 – Wherever you go, there you are.

April 18 – There’s a concerted effort to make the game of baseball play faster.  That might garner us fresher hotdogs (no more shriveled up leather tubes) and less restroom runs (“What?  I missed the play?  I was only gone 30 seconds!”), but I disagree with this.  Play the game as slowly as can be played.  I took the day off to enjoy a piece of Americana, not to be herded into a stockyard knowing that a few minutes later I’ll have to compete in a demolition derby to get out.  I need at least five hours between those self-imposed stress points in my life.

April 19 – I want to hang blue-corded tassels from my shirttail.  It’d be a Biblical reminder to obey God and be holy (Numbers 15:38-40).  I wonder if anyone would notice?  And I wonder if they’d know that I really don’t care what they think?

April 20 – Killing an animal is actually not a bad thing.  It’s not brutal or barbaric, or savage or sick.  I guess we can make it any of those things but people would complain.  Yet they don’t say much about the way Jesus was treated when He was killed.  And that was, indeed, a bad thing that only God could turn into good.

April 21 – I don’t want to go fast, I just want to go the speed limit.

April 22 – To my wife:  You can buy all the clothes you want and I’ll not wear all the clothes I want.

April 23 – When you kick a man when he’s down, you can’t expect him to get up just because you think you’re trying to help.

April 24 – I’m not Armenian.  I’m a man in sin.  I’m not a Calvinist.  I’m a Calvaryist.  Jesus chose to make it all about forgiving men of sin.  I choose to make it all about what He did on the Cross.

April 25 – I’m not getting slower in my old age, I’m just more deliberate in the things I do.

April 26 – I’m not getting forgetful in my old age, I’m just prioritizing the things I think about.  And most things are not worth thinking about.  That’s good news for me because I can only think about this and something else that I can’t recall at this time.

April 27 – Moose droppings look like chocolate covered almonds.  What a surprise that would be if someone tried to eat one.  I’m sure glad that deer droppings don’t look like anything edible, such as chocolate covered raisins.

April 28 – Nothing against tattoos but I am against them.  Jesus died to make me spotless from worldly stains.  Why would I want the inky reminder?  But I do admit that while He has wrapped me in His righteousness and set me on the road to perfection, I still trudge through a dark side on this earth, one which makes a full body tattoo look like a mere freckle.

April 29 – The only thing worse than a cheap tool is a really cheap tool.

April 30 – The only thing worse than a really cheap tool is not having a specific tool when you really need it, even a really, really cheap tool.