67-68 A.D. – I Peter

Ch. 1 – The elect (v. 2) are believers then and now whom God knew and knows, of whom the Holy Spirit sanctified and sanctifies, and for whom Jesus shed His blood.  The Three-in-One is not bound by time in the work of salvation.

Genuine belief in Jesus obtains the outcome of faith:  the salvation of our souls (verses 6-9).

God judges impartially (v. 17).  This reminds me of Elihu’s desire to speak impartially to Job (Job 32:21).  Is impartiality a feature of being holy like God is holy (v. 16)?  Yes.

If before the foundation of the world refers to before creation, as I believe it does, then Jesus, as One of the Three-in-One, had perfect, eternal knowledge of His salvific destiny, and before the Three-in-One created time, He was slain from the foundation of the world (Revelation 13:8).  But it wasn’t until these last times that He was made known to creation (v. 20).  In the spiritual realm then, all knowledge is eternal and all things having occur, and have occurred and will occur, as if simultaneously in the realm of this perfect knowledge.  At the creation  of physical stuff, the matter that made up the human body of Jesus was spoken into “existence” (as we know it), ultimately being made manifest in these last times for God’s glory.  It’s as if at the moment of Holy conception, the scattered particles of Christ’s humanity merged in the presence of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

Were my particles floating around in the universe since the day of creation until I, too, merged into a human being – a being whom God knew before creation (that is, before the foundations of the world) because He created my particles and knew exactly how they were going to move through His time and His space to become me and then become His again, whole, through a volition of my faith in Jesus?  And if so, and I think so, did this foreknowledge of the Three-in-One “move” them prepare a place for believers like me to reside with them forever?  Is this predestination of the elect and adopted sons of God – the spiritual knowing before the physical materializing?

Ch. 2 – Unbelievers are destined to stumble because of their disobedience to the Word, not because God destined or destines them to stumble.  (v. 8)

Believers are called to be an example of suffering.  (v. 21)

Ch. 4 – Judgment (God’s judgment) begins with His house, that is, believers, and we are scarcely saved (verses 17-18).  If believers “barely make it in,” then unbelievers will completely and utterly be cast out.  There is no middle ground in this.  But any unbeliever can believe, yet the Three-in-One knows who they were and are and will be.

Ch. 5 – The crown of God’s glory does not fade (v. 10).  Men (believing men) are the glory of God.  We were created in His image to not fade away (I Corinthians 11:7).  Because God’s glory never fades nor weakens, His glory was always in eternity past.  He placed His glory in His dearest creation – men – to bear His glory into eternity to come – led by the Man of men Himself, Jesus Christ, God’s only begotten Son.  God does not give His glory to another (Isaiah 42:8) and therefore His glory was borne into His likeness.  His glory was not created, it was and is carried by those whom He knew and knows loves, worships, and adores Him.  This is wildly fantastic stuff.


Creation of Adam, fresco in the Sistine Chapel, Michelangelo, 1511-1512


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