57 A.D. – Second Corinthians

Statue of William Wallace commissioned in 1814 by the Earl of Buchan

Statue of William Wallace overlooking the river Tweed at Bemersyde, Scotland – commissioned in 1814 by the Earl of Buchan

Ch. 2 – A believer’s forgiveness of another person who has wronged him is a major action in defeating the designs (schemes) of Satan.  Don’t ignore evil.  Outwit it.  Rise above it with the weapon of forgiveness.

Ch. 3 – We are being transformed into the same image and glory of Jesus (from one degree of glory to another, as Paul put it), becoming immortal saints.  Don’t miss this:  At the moment of conversion, the transformation process begins in a new believer’s life, and  culminates with the heavenly body becoming the full image and glory of Christ.

Note that this transformation is an immediate and ongoing  work of the Holy Spirit in a believer’s life, thus dismantling the argument that the Spirit comes upon someone at a later time (“baptism of the Holy Spirit,” as it is sometimes called).  Paul elaborates on the transformation process in all of the next chapter, 4, and early on in chapter 5.

Ch. 8 – How can we test our brothers so as to find them earnest in the work for Christ and ready to be sent out?  Brothers are to be messengers of the Church and loyal to her.  So, one “test” is a believer’s (brother’s) loyalty to the Church, that is, the body of Christ.

Ch. 12 – There is a hint of brothers having been tested for their trustworthiness.

Ch. 13 – Paul discusses “testing.”  There are some elements of what testing is all about, gleaned from what he said:

– Inward test:  Examine self
– Conclusive test:  Know that you are a true believer
– Outward test:  Demonstrate your faith



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