Ode to Job

Ode to Job, 4Upon a highway made of gold,
The Gospel shoes are all I need.
The Shepherd brings me to His fold,
To walk with Him in barest feet.

The shield and helmet served me well.
The vest and belt surrounded me.
The Sword defeated certain hell,
So I could walk in promised Peace.
Forever in His glorious Peace.

Ode to Job, 3

I could not bear my sin and shame,
Much less to watch the Savior harmed.
He saw my sorrow and my pain,
And wrapped me in His loving arms,

Clothed in His righteousness alone,
No more to scrape the sores of life.
My body, mind, and soul He owns,
The perfect end to pain and strife.
Forever ends this pain and strife.

The depths of love I cannot sound,Ode to Job
Or why He wants me as His own.
Caught up with Him I’m heaven bound,
To give my all before the Throne.

And it is there my crown is cast.
The Son I worship without end.
With head uncovered stand I fast,
The image of the Man of men.
The image of the Man of men.


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