Caves are mentioned 33 times in 31 sections of the Bible.  They were used for numerous purposes:

  1. Storage for prehistoric waters (Genesis 7:11).
  2. Temporary housing (Genesis 19:30).
  3. Burial (Genesis 23, 25, 49, 50; John 11:38).
  4. Hiding (Joshua 10; I Kings 18).
  5. Hideout headquarters for war (I Samuel 22; II Samuel 23:13).
  6. Using the bathroom (I Samuel 24).
  7. Camping out (I Kings 19).
  8. Place where David wrote a song (Psalm 57).
  9. Place where David prayed and meditated (Psalm 142).
  • Discuss what we do with or think about caves today.  Why do caves seem frightening?
  • What can we say to someone about caves that will start a conversation about Jesus?
  • Look up each verse above and list the person(s) involved in the stories.

Round-about story (a game for children or teens)

Make up a story one person at a time (each person taking a turn using the words below, in order).  Then, make up a story using what you think is the opposite of each word (that’s call an antonym, suggestions of which appear in italics)!

  • Herb (Gladys)
  • trail (creek)
  • forest (desert)
  • creature (human)
  • race (sit)
  • cave (mountaintop)
  • hole (wall)
  • dark (light)
  • light (dark)
  • pants (dress)
  • shoes (bare feet)
  • river (highway)
  • rock (water)
  • crawl (run)
  • fire (ice)
  • safe (danger)