We are spiritual converters not specimen collectors

The church is not a zoo.  It is Christ’s house of prayer.  We are not zookeepers.  We are zero-hour soldiers.

Our task is not to coax, bribe, or bait people to come to a zoo so they can see the displays.  God forbid we have displays!  We should bring people to the Cross so they can see the only display that matters:  the bleeding, dead body of the Lord.

So tell someone.  Be the docent, the  interpreter, the storyteller.  Tell someone about Jesus dying on the Cross (according to the Scriptures), about Him being buried a dead man, and about Him being raised to life (according to the Scriptures).

Let the church pray for this.  Let the people come to the church to be surrounded by free-roaming saints who are unafraid of wild places and wild men and wild times – because we, too, are wild and free in Christ.


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