Offensive stuff for Independence Day and week

I just read THIS headline about Nike, Kapernoodle-Kaepernick, and their exploitation of patriotism and history.  Egads, people!  How many more Nike and NFL products must I now personally destroy, desecrate, or otherwise dispatronize (I made up that last word – if they can make up stuff, so can I)?

You go, Arizona.  You don’t need them.  And my state, Missouri, doesn’t either.  I guess we could cry foul over Nike’s and Kapernoodle’s misogynistic agenda.  Feminists need to stand up to this repugnant behavior against their own.  What?  Betsy Ross?  You know, she’s one of the founding mothers of the United States of America.  You know, the seamstress and artist and brave heroine of real, unadulterated history.  B-E-T-S-Y R-O-S-S.

USA Flag, 1

So Kapernoodle, here’s the thing:  Your hairdo could be an offensive symbol because of its perceived connection to the slavery era, to use similar wording of your own as reported in the The Wall Street Journal.  I can see the connection, of course.  Both, your hair and the slavery era, are sad things.  You do know that it (slavery) was abolished in America over 150 years ago, right?  And that at least 15 other countries still maintain legalized slavery today, right?  And that the current sex trade industry is by far the most serious slave issue in American history, right?  And that brings me back to your and Nike’s misogynistic agenda that is getting a free pass by feminists, liberals, and other anti-American culturalists.

Spirit of 76

The Spirit of ’76 (oil, 1875), by Archibald Willard (1836–1918). Originally titled “Yankee Doodle,” it now resides in Abbot Hall, Marblehead, Massachusetts.

Eh, who am I to speak?  My manhood is likely an offense to Kapernoodle and Nike, but they wouldn’t know anything about that.  I’m sure my sarcasm is offensive, too, as cynical as it seems.

Pardon me while I stand for the 1st Amendment; for that matter, America altogether.

You see, my knees are not weak.

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