20 Takeaways for Men from the Chaos of Choosing a Supreme Court Judge

  1. Don’t drink.  Not a drop.  It will keep you from being accused of inebriated aggressiveness.
  2. Don’t party.  This doesn’t mean that you can’t go to gatherings and celebrations (okay, parties) with like-minded people, but that like-mindedness should be in Christ.
  3. Guard your virginity.  Guard it to the point that you can proudly announce it and can challenge others (men and women) to declare the status of theirs.  If someone wants to play the whore, run.  Also remember that virginity is not lost on a wedding night.  It is celebrated each and every time of sexual intercourse with your one and only (female) wife.
  4. Be passionate about truth and justice.  Jesus overturned tables.  You overturn lies and false accusations with zeal and righteous indignation, and a little attitude if you must while maintaining your temperament.  Be wise as a serpent and harmless as a dove – but even doves will flog their enemy at times.
  5. Don’t make a false accusation.  If you do, be prepared for a Godly man of integrity to fight back.  If you are the falsely accused, fight back.  See #4.
  6. Leave the dirt-making to God.
  7. Leave smear tactics and diabolical character assassinations to liars, cheats, liberal puppeteers, and baby killers.  Don’t be identified with that mob.
  8. Speaking of baby killers, oppose abortion with every fiber of your manly being.  Real men should not shut up.  Real men should not step up because they will already be at the forefront of protecting the lives of babies, the safety of little girls, and the dignity of women.
  9. Have nothing to do with a woman who does not act like a virtuous woman.  You’ll know who they are.  They support killing babies, finding a man guilty until proven innocent, misusing their God-given femininity, prostituting their virginity, and/or abusing others’ rights which they think belong only to them.  The Bible has a few things to say about angry and contentious women.  Learn that.
  10. Always, always, always be prepared and guard yourself for what comes out of the other side of a belligerent woman’s mouth.  Just remember, if she’s married, her problem is really her husband’s problem.  Have pity on him.
  11. Never, never, never trust a woman who has falsely accused you of an indignant or ungentlemanly action.  They will attack you again, and again.  Shut her up.  See #4.
  12. Stand up for hurting, endangered, vulnerable women.  Be the man in the fullest of masculine, gentlemanly ways.
  13. Don’t apologize for something that you did not do or is not your fault.  Don’t do it.  You can tell someone that you might regret the ordeal but don’t say you’re sorry.
  14. If you see other men acting stupidly, call them out.  So what if they’ll never have anything to do with you again.  Don’t be controlled by their stupidity or their wayward convictions.
  15. If you or your family receive death threats and/or other violent threats, carry a gun.  Be sure to do so in a disciplined, legal way.  That’s why we have the 2nd Amendment.  Oh, and carry a knife, have a baseball bat handy, keep your pepper spray fresh, and don’t pull punches.
  16. Walk away from trouble but if it follows you, fight back.
  17. Choose your friends wisely with the Bible as your compass.  Don’t roll the dice on your affiliations.
  18. Read The Constitution of the United States of America.  Often.
  19. Don’t think emotionally.  Think rationally.
  20. It is about religion.  It is about a relationship.  But more than anything, it’s all about the Lordship of Jesus in your life.


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