The Liberals’ Cat is Out of the Bag, thanks to Brett Kavanaugh

The appalling, disgusting tactic used by puppeteering liberals recently to humiliate, besmirch, and defame Judge Brett Kavanaugh (you know, President Trump’s outstanding nominee for Supreme Court) gives us a periscopic, if not prophetic, look at a monstrous, sinister scheme that could already be in play.  And it’s lower than whale manure, nothing against whales, mind you.

Consider that since 2016, the good judge has been on President Trump’s list of potential picks for the Supreme Court.  Is it possible that liberals have already maneuvered to have in hand their evil ploys for destroying each person on that list?  They’ve had a two year head start to get all their dirty ducks in a row (as proven by the Ford/Feinstein letter), things like poor-me letters to lawmakers, allies to back up false claims, and premeditated time tables with which to release their foul devices.

That means that each prospective supreme juror potentially awaits the sifting of the dirt that currently abides in the garbage cans we know as liberal lawmakers’ offices.  Nothing against garbage cans, mind you.

Come to think of it, it’s a miracle!  Other than God Almighty, I didn’t know anyone else could make dirt.



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