Worry about Roe vs. Wade

It’s officially a big deal:  Another Supreme Court vacancy has jumped into the political scene.  A fairly conservative executive branch will likely appoint a judge who is conservative, a Constitutional originalist, and intelligent.

There’s worry, of course.  Of all the cases that are in jeopardy of being reversed or weakened, it’s abortion – the flagship issue of liberal-left puppets and puppeteers everywhere.  If you haven’t heard, Roe vs. Wade (1973) is the case that allegedly found that murdering babies in the womb – that safest of places for children – is fine and dandy.  Now, real, patriotic Americans have a chance to witness the abolition of abortion.

That worries liberals.

Yet for the last 45 years, it has really worried 50 million babies.

For a Biblical defense for life (and adamantly anti-abortion), go to:
This Gross Thing – on abortion



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1 Response to Worry about Roe vs. Wade

  1. matthewrbaker says:

    Well said in a few words. (Something I can’t do!) I believe Justice Ginsburg will create another vacancy in the near future; the circumstances of which remain to be seen. Regardless, that would give President Trump two more conservative (potentially Christian) Supreme Court justices, a big win for those who, like you and me, don’t believe in a “living, breathing” Constitution that’s open to interpretation.


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