66 A.D. – Second Timothy

I’m nearing the end of my first read-through of The New Testament – As It Was Written, and if you’ve been following, I’m making notes as I go (and as I usually do when reading the Bible).  Here are my notes from II Timothy:

Ch. 1 – For what reason would Timothy have been crying (v. 4)?  Likewise, what was it about Timothy that moved Paul?

God has given Christian men a spirit of power and of love and of a sound mind (v. 7).

Paul tells Timothy, as he did Titus, that God saved us not because of what we did but according to what He did (v. 9).

Ch. 3 – Verses 10-15 reveal great qualities of a mentor:

– Teach.
– Exemplify good conduct.
– Be a gentle man.
– Achieve goals.
– Live by faith.
– Be patient.
– Love.
– Be steady and sure.
– Show how to handle persecution and suffering.
– As Jesus said, “Be wise as serpents and harmless as doves” (Matthew 10:16).
– Equip yourself with the Scriptures so you can do every good work.

Ch. 4 – Evil men and impostors will continually grow worse, and will be recognized by their deceitfulness and tendency to be deceived themselves.  But here are the ways to battle this demonic movement:

– Proclaim the Word, and always be ready in an instant to do so.
– Convince people of the Truth.
– Rebuke those who speak against the Truth.
– Exhort.
– Carry out your spiritual duty with patience gained from what you’ve learned.
– Be on your guard in all things.
– Bear what the evil ones dish out.
– Keep on with the work of Christ, no matter what.
– Be faithful to complete your call.

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