Capture the Flag

RainbowDoes the RAINBOW get your attention?  It should.  It is God’s sign of the covenant that He made between Himself and His creation after bestowing a post-Flood blessing to righteous Noah (Genesis 9:1-17).  It does not represent a special interest group.  They have no right to it and it does not belong in their camp.  It belongs to the King.

I, for one, wish to capture the flag.  I was pretty good at it when I was a boy, scoring many make-believe victories.  That and a Divine directive give me the confidence that I can score a believer’s victory now, with a little help from my brothers and sisters in the faith.  Ultimately though, it’s God business what He’s going to do about that in the end.  Right now, He wants me to capture the flag, so I must run the race (I Corinthians 9:24-27).

Oddly enough, God created the RAINBOW after He had wiped clean from the face of the earth everything that was wicked, corrupt, violent, and of evil intent.  That included every person, save eight…  every person judged by God to have perverted and idolized everything He created.  Nowadays, people still pervert and idolize His created things, including the RAINBOW.  But then again, the great I AM said that’s the way we would be (Genesis 8:22; Romans 1:18-32; 8:21-26).  Knowing this, capturing the flag seems merciful, at least until God says He’s had enough, again.

Rainbow, 1

Although I’m committed to capturing the flag for the King, may I offer an exchange to those who think the RAINBOW belongs to them?  How about the CROSS upon which Jesus died for your and my sins – sins that include everything you think the RAINBOW represents.  How about believing that He was buried dead, and believing that God raised His Son from being dead (Romans 10:9-10; I Corinthians 15:1-4; I John 1:9).  Confess and believe.  He will lovingly call you His child and I will gladly call you my brother.

That’s real victory, not waving a stolen flag.

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