62-63 A.D. – Colossians

Many in my church are reading through the New Testament FOUR times this year.  We’re doing that in a way called The New Testament:  As It Was Written (that is, reading the New Testament in the order the books and letters were written by approximate date).  Here are a few observations from my reading through Colossians.  To see other notes, visit Manly Meditations.

Ch. 2 – Paul uses the occasion for this letter to again encourage true believers to reach all the riches, assurance, understanding, and knowledge of God’s mystery – Christ – because there are some (in the church) who would lead you astray.

Our record of debt – sin – was held “at bay” until the death and resurrection of Jesus, that is, “nailing it (the debt) to the cross.”

What stops the indulgence of the flesh?  Not self or man-made regulations, but rather seeking after the things of Jesus.  Paul continues this theme into ch. 3.

Ch. 4 – Paul indicates that he had sent a letter to Laodicea and that it, too, should be read to the Colossian believers.  The letter is lost.

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