Really, these young adults will be future leaders?

The recent event on the campus of Missouri University regarding the pressurized ouster of the president and Chancellor by imbecilic students, faculty, staff, athletes, and their supporters is another reason to question the maturity level of these so-called adults, young and old (not to mention the discipline that so-called athletes claim is incorporated into their sport).  Search the news for yourself.  It’s a serious matter but the reactions are lame, lopsided, heavy-handed, and ignorant – and it doesn’t bode well for the future.  As for the student who went on the hunger strike, perhaps someone should have set up a BBQ feast next to him, protesting against the childishness that seems to define adults who are, or will be, future leaders…  nothing against children, mind you.

Those leading the protest, Concerned Student 1950 (who are truly neither concerned nor academicians), have posted a List of Demands.  Now I wonder, what if Christians posted a List of Appeals of a similar nature?

Well, I’ve rewritten those eight demands by Concerned Student 1950.  How far do you think these would go?

Concerned Christian 2015 presents
List of Appeals to Universities-everywhere

List of Appeals

I.  We request that the Universities-everywhere presidents write handwritten apologies to the marginalized Christians and hold press conferences in the Student Centers reading the letter.  In the letter and at the press conferences, the presidents must acknowledge pagan privilege, recognize that systems of oppression exist, and provide a verbal commitment to fulfilling Christian students’ concerns.  We want presidents to admit to gross negligence, allowing their minions to abuse Christians, consenting to the physical violence of Christians, and lastly refusing to intervene when the political machinery uses excessive force against Christians.

II.  We pray for the immediate salvation of University-everywhere presidents.  After their salvations, a new amendment to system policies must be established to have all future University-everywhere presidents and Chancellor positions be freely presented with the Gospel by campus Christian students, staff, and faculty of the Christian faith.

III.  We pray that Universities-everywhere meet the Biblical standards that are present in the Holy Scriptures, for the betterment of the Christian community.

IV.  We humbly request that Universities-everywhere create comprehensive Christian awareness and inclusion expectations throughout all campuses’ departments and units, recommended for all students, faculty, staff, and administration.  Awareness and inclusion must be unhindered and maintained, and overseen by a Christian organization (i.e., a Bible believing, Bible teaching church on or near each campus) comprised of students, staff, and faculty who are sold out to Jesus.

V.  We have hope that by the academic year 2017-¬2018, Universities-everywhere increase the percentage of Christian faculty and staff on all campuses to 100%.

VI.  We will assist Universities-everywhere in composing strategic 10 year plans by May 1, 2016, that will increase salvation rates for lost students, sustain Biblical curriculum and equipping, and promote safer and more inclusive, accepting campuses.

VII.  We hope that Universities-everywhere increase funding and resources for the Universities’ Christian Counseling Centers for the purposes of hiring additional spiritual health professionals, particularly those sold out to Jesus, boosting Christian outreach and worship across campuses, increasing campuses’ awareness and visibility of the Counseling Centers, and reducing lengthy wait times for spiritually hurting or unchristian clients.

VIII.  We encourage Universities-everywhere to increase funding, resources, and personnel for the Christian Counseling Centers on campuses for the purpose of hiring additional Christian professionals, particularly those sold out to Jesus, boosting outreach and worship across campuses, and increasing campuses-wide awareness and visibility.

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