Questions about current events

Questions about this news story:

1.  What if Ahmed Mohamed, the 14 year old Islamic Texan clock-maker, would have been a 14 year old Christian Texan clock-maker?

2.  Speaking of Texas, which teachers and school administrators in the entire state of Texas aren’t feeling thrown under the bus by everyone from the president on down?

3.  Speaking of buses, how did the kid make it from his bedroom, past his parents, through the front door, on the ride to school, through the school front doors, down the hall, and to the teacher’s desk without being stopped because he had an alleged weapon (or at least questioned about holding a large box or a full backpack or a briefcase or whatever)?

4.  Speaking of weapons, if we enforce gun laws with the same passion as we enforce zero tolerance in school systems, to what level will the crime rate plummet?

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