The great I AM

I just returned from a meeting at Campbellsville University where I serve on the Church Relations Council.  Our guest speaker, Mike Green (pastor, Brentwood Baptist Church, TN), reminded us of a truth that has been gnawing at me for a few days now.

Some of us think way too much about our darkest moments in life.  I’m guilty, and I do it a lot.  But while I’m thinking back on those things, God says to me, “I was there.”  In essence, it explains why He is the great I AM.  He just is.

When I was in darkness, He was.
While I’m serving Him now as faithfully as I can, He is.
And with my eyes on the future, He’s there.

This is glorious to me, and in fact, it is the topic that I’ve been studying for some time now:  God’s glory.  I now have even more to look for in my Bible study.  I’m currently reading through Luke and I see a lot about God’s glory there.  What a great adventure it is looking for the deep stuff and the surprises that many times catch me off guard.

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