Robes equal acts of righteousness

Will there be any earthly stuff in heaven?  The answer is plainly, NO.  Yet we read in Revelation 19:7-8 of the saints, the bride of Christ, being clad in robes of fine linen (see also Revelation 6:11 and 7:13-14).

While earthly stuff will not be found in heaven, heavenly stuff will obviously abound.  The robes of fine linen, as declared in this Scripture, are the righteous acts of the saints.  There is no fabric implied like cotton or wool or even some type of heavenly weave.

While clothing is not the material thing it’s cracked up to be in this sense, the truth is, we can say that something is, indeed, woven and worn by the saints:  their righteous acts.  These are the actions that spring out of holy living, exercises of virtue, and patterns of Christ-likeness.  All of these things are the threads that fall off the loom of Salvation as we work out our own salvation (Philippians 2:12-13 – that is, God is at work in His saints, and they should be found faithfully obeying Him because of the saving grace given by His only begotten and resurrected Son, Jesus).

We can choose to let our righteous acts – opportunities to serve and live for Christ – pile up on the floor, or we can weave them together and put on the fine linen like a uniform, showing the world the One for whom we work.

I cannot think of better clothing to wear.  Even now, may the Savior see us stripped of earthly clothes and wrapped in righteous acts, like saintly models on the runway to heaven.

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