On duty

The following is not so much about defining our duty as it is about sharing our duty.  And just what does that mean, you might ask?  For God’s children, it is sharing in the duty of worship.

This really has to do with the worship experience we bring into everything in our lives:  the regularity of our daily living, the ability at our places of employment, the passion with which we learn at school, the challenge we embrace as we take on difficult tasks, the commitment we keep in raising our families, the depth with which we worship God with other believers in our places of…  worship.

These are things shared by everyone great and small, rich and poor, young or old, leader or follower.  No one gets a pass and according to God’s Word, no one should, especially Christians:  And they cast lots for their duty, the small as well as the great, the teacher with the student.  (I Chronicles 25:8).

So our duty is not so much about doing things as it is about sharing in the doing.  What I see here in this verse is the great doing with the small, the teacher working side by side with the student – all without complaint, thank you.

Yes, there are times leaders lead and followers follow, teachers teach and learners learn, the great accomplish and the small aspire to do likewise.  People do these things.  God’s children do these things.

But with every breath we take and with every faithful follower of God we relate, we share in the duty of worship in every aspect of life.  For that’s how Godly leaders make Godly disciples.

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