As I write this, we’re looking at having to set our clocks AHEAD one hour in a few days.  We get to lose an hour of sleep as we celebrate the arrival of Daylight Savings Time.

Who said we could tamper with time anyway?  Ben Franklin did, or at least he started the colonial twitter rant about it.  Yet it wasn’t until 1966 that we officially adopted his suggestion.  And we aren’t the only country that manipulates the hands of time this way.  In fact, at one time New Zealanders were known to have periodically adjusted their clocks on the half-hour.  Better to lose 30 minutes of sleep rather than 60 minutes, I suppose.

Many people get all worked up about time management.  But God apparently wasn’t too worried about it when He created things.  I mean, it wasn’t until the fourth day of creation that He spoke and spun into existence all the universal objects that give us the telling of time.  The fourth day!  By then, our atmosphere was storming, seas and landmasses were crashing together (or rather, apart), and the entirety of plant life was thriving.  Then came TIME.  Just in time, too, since fish and fowl and creeping things and man were next, needing the setting of the sun for night-time rest and the rising of the sun for feeding and frolicking.

Man has since dominated creation, as God commanded, though not always in good ways.  It was only inevitable that we would try to control the one thing that was out of our control and excuse it away as something good for us.

Just like we did the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.

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