Snow and the Great Artist

Wintery weather is upon us here in north central Missouri.  Within a week, we’ve had over a foot and a half of snow.  It’s pretty, but with the beautiful scenery comes back-aching shoveling!

Speaking of snow, there are only 15 references in the Bible of the white stuff as it applies to describing some aspect of the weather, all of them in the Old Testament.  Only ten other uses are found in the Bible, comparing the following to the pure white color of snow:

– 3 times:  the color of leprous skin (Exodus 4:6; Numbers 12:10; II Kings 5:27)
– 1 time:  the sons of Zion before rebelling against God (Lamentations 4:7)
– 2 times:  the washing away of sin (Psalm 51:7; Isaiah 1:18)
– 2 times: the clothing of Jesus (Daniel 7:9; Mark 9:3)
– 1 time:  the clothing of the angel at the empty tomb of Jesus (Matthew 28:3)
– 1 time:  the hair of Jesus (Revelation 1:14)

There is one difference among the various translations (that I could find anyway).  The ESV, NASB HCSB, and NIV do not use the word snow in Mark 9:3 to describe the clothing of Jesus at the Mount of Transfiguration.  However, it is found in the KJV and NKJV, and certain Greek texts.

But in light of 19 inches of snow these past six days, we get a pretty good picture anytime SNOW is used in the Bible!  Among all that God is, He is also the Great Artist.

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