Great in the Sight of the Lord

Well, the Christmas season is here.  All my thoughts are on Jesus, His birth, His life, His death, His coming back to life, and His forgiveness and giving of eternal life.  But I also think about John the Baptizer…

According to Jesus, there was no one born of women greater than he (Matthew 11:11).  I would think, then, that John is our model for being the best we can be as a Godly man or Godly woman.  Here are the qualities that made him so and that we should aspire to:

– We should bring joy and gladness to our parents (Luke 1:14).
– We should cause others to rejoice at our coming, or to rejoice because we are there when needed (Luke 1:14).

– We should not consume alcohol as a beverage, not even a little (Luke 1:15).
– We should be filled with the Holy Spirit (Luke 1:15).

– We should be about turning many people to God (Luke 1:16).
– We should be about turning the hearts of parents to their children, and the disobedient to the wisdom of the just (Luke 1:17).

– We should get people ready and prepared for the Lord (Luke 1:17).

In addition to announcing the coming of the Messiah, it seems to me that John the Baptizer also announced what Christian living is all about.

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