Spiritual issues

I have struggled for a long time with some spiritual issues.  Some things are a matter of my heart; some things are a matter of my head.  I’m just now beginning to understand the reality of this.  In my heart, I know that Jesus is my Lord and that He has forgiven me of my sins (which I confess daily).  In my head, however, my past is haunting me.  I’ve purged out the “old leaven” like the Bible says to do in First Corinthians 5:7, and I’m trying to be a “new lump” since I truly belong to Christ.  That purging is a long process and I’ve been at it a long time.

During some years that were especially troubling, I spent a vast majority of my time studying the Bible and writing.  As I look back at it now, they were hard years.  I overcame but not without difficulty.  It’s behind me now but as I said, it’s haunting.  And it has broken me.

So where do I go from here?  I hope, forward, but only with the prayers of many and the help of a few brave and understanding souls, the greatest of whom is my wife.  Thank you, Jesus, for this time in my life, even as hard as it is.

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