On drought, Elihu, thunderstorms, and the Cross

It’s been dry here in Missouri.  We want rain.  We NEED rain.  None of us would argue with a good old fashioned thunderstorm deluging our grounds.  Well, at least a measured deluge so that there’s soak-in and not run-off.

I’ve been reading the Book of Job lately.  Good stuff.  There’s one player in the cast we tend to overlook:  Elihu.  He was a young guy and properly waited his turn to speak after his elders made miserable comforters of themselves (not my words, Job’s words in 16:2).  But when he spoke, boy, did he really let ‘em have it.

He was filled with the spirit.  He was a mediator, a confessor of the goodness, majesty, righteousness, and holiness of God.  And he wisely discerned why God sends thunderstorms (37:11-13):

– to punish the wicked
– to nourish the land
– to supply the needs of people

Prophetically, it’s about judgment, provision, and mercy.

Somewhere in those three words, I see the Cross of Jesus.

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