There’s beauty in the blood regardless of the curse of the cross

The blood of Jesus is unique, having man’s physical properties and God’s supernatural power.  His blood is red and warm, sticky and serous.  Blood that once flowed through the veins of Jesus at 98.6 °F.  Blood that still flows today.

His blood cannot be confined to days or dimensions.  It transcends time and space at the same time and for all time.  It defies all that could ever be known about hematology.  It washes clean the dirtiest and filthiest sins mankind could ever invent.  It doesn’t spoil, ever.  That’s the miracle of its life-giving essence.

It’s a reproachable thing that Jesus died – bled to death on the Cross – so that we could be forgiven of ugly sins and live forever.  But we must bear this reproach if we are to know Him as Lord.  It’s the Way, the only Way – a blood rite that must be experienced if one is to be a blood-brother to the Son of God.  Not just dabbing the repentant person here and there like a mother licking her fingers and wiping away grime from her little boy’s face.  This is a full scrubbing as if a sponge were dipped in some type of crimson cleansing agent, thoroughly white-washing away sin and its stench.

When a man believes in his heart that God raised His Son from being dead and when he confesses Jesus is Lord, the blood of Jesus washes him clean.  Then it cleans someone else, then someone else, with plenty to go around.  There’s beauty in the blood regardless of the curse of cross.

See:  Hebrews 13:12-13; Acts 24:14; Revelation 1:5; Romans 10:9-10; Galatians 3:13.

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