A few types of miracles

I just returned from a good meeting in Kentucky.  Our keynote speaker commented on the two types of miracles Jesus performed:  miracles of transformation and miracles of multiplication.  I shared this with my 6th grade Sunday School class this morning and they spent a few minutes documenting Biblical examples, like when Jesus transformed water into wine, and turned sick people into well people; and when Jesus fed over 5000 people, and when the woman obeyed Elisha by pouring oil into all the containers her two sons could find.

It occurs to me that there is another type of miracle performed by Jesus:  the miracle of conversation.  Think about it.  Jesus spoke to thousands of people outdoors where the waves of the sea crashed onto the beach, and birds chirped loudly, and the wind blew regularly, and babies cried and children played (loudly).  And still, in every setting, the people heard Him.  It was a miracle of conversation.

Jesus continues the miracle of transformation, turning dead people (in their sins) into living people (in the kingdom).  And by virtue of the Great Commission, we’re to be about making disciples – multiplying believers for the work of the kingdom, at least according to the way 6th graders see it.  I happen to agree with the kids on this.

And the miracle of conversation still takes place, too.  We speak the name of Jesus and people respond to it in some way, either turning to Him or running from Him, or maybe just enjoying the Christian fellowship that comes with the territory of speaking the name of Jesus so that all may hear:  saved and unsaved, new believer and seasoned believer – enjoying the conversation that miraculously occurs when the name of Jesus is spoken.

You never know what will happen when the name of Jesus is lifted up out loud.

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