Upliftment for Christian men, and a few things about the outdoors

Don Hamlin

Believer in One, married to one, father of four, father-in-law of two, grandfather of four, father-in-the-faith of a few, mentor to many.

I’m an associate pastor at Kearney First Baptist Church, doing the work of Christian education, outreach, and men’s ministry.  I drive an old Ford truck (actually, I have two Ford trucks right now), ride a motorcycle, shoot guns, and love Jesus.  I do things outdoors, some of which would puzzle or horrify others.  I like coffee and chocolate, both strong and straight up.  My favorite restaurant is in a gas station, and I have the tee shirt to prove it.

Reading the Word anytime, anywhere

Reading the Word anytime, anywhere, and anyway I can, naturally.

While you are exploring and criticizing my website, check out my other locations:

iam4IAM – Bible-questing (theology)

EquippingBelievers – eQuipping the saints for the work of the ministry

Also, explore My Books page, too.  But even more importantly…  explore the Word of God.


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