Upliftment for Christian men, and a few things about the outdoors

Don Hamlin

Believer in One, married to one, father of two, father-in-law of two, father-in-the-faith of several, grandfather of four, mentor to many.

I’m an associate pastor at Kearney First Baptist Church, overseeing the work of Christian education, outreach, and men’s ministry.I drive an old Ford truck, ride a motorcycle, shoot guns, and play a Martin D-35 guitar (and an old Stella guitar for kicks).  I like coffee and chocolate, both strong and straight up (i.e. dark), and enjoy manly stuff, the outdoors, and living outside the box.  In fact, I ditched the box a long time ago.

Reading the Word anytime, anywhere

Reading the Word anytime, anywhere, and anyway I can, naturally.

So sit back and explore my website, and maybe some of the links off to the right, especially:


Explore My Books page, too.  But even more importantly…  explore the Word of God.  Enjoy.


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